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THE BLACK DEMON | Trailer | 2023 | Megalodon Shark Action Movie

THE BLACK DEMON | Trailer | 2023 | Megalodon Shark Action Movie

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  • HalloweenBlues

    I don’t know what it is about Josh Lucas but I always find him entertaining. Maybe it’s the sass in his voice.

  • moderatesoul

    r/movies has never been the best subreddit for movie discussion or news, but why has it become a repository for announcements and trailers for only d-list, straight to streaming garbage recently?

  • ThadAllen90

    Josh Lucas, check. Huge shark, check. Oil rig in the middle of the ocean that Islanders can see but decided to not try and help, check! I’m all in

  • idkwat

    “Yeah coast guard? We’re down in Mexico and there’s a massive shark in the water that literally just ate our boat. Can we get a helicopter to get off this derelict oil rig and reassess?”

    Movie over in 5 minutes

  • HarvestEmperor

    The largest toothed predator of all time exists now. Theyre called sperm whales. Also the only animal to ever potentially destroy a large human vessel.

    A 24m specimen is (contentiously) on record, but there is hard proof theyve shrunk 4m in the last hundred years *on average* from overhunting of large males for their oil. They may even have been 6 or 7m larger on average 400 years ago before we began hunting them for oil.

    Megalodon? Livyatan? Basilosaurus? Mosasaurs? Icthyosaurs? Spinosaurus? T. Rex?

    Bigger than all of them. Smarter than all of them.

  • PugnaciousPangolin

    I know Jaws was a brutal shoot and that the ocean is murder on most machines, but I find it impossible to suspend my disbelief with such obvious CGI. I don’t expect to be frightened, but I can’t imagine feeling any tension knowing with every special effects shot that the shark is just a high-res cartoon.

    I suppose these films are best enjoyed as unintentional comedies a la Deep Blue Sea?

  • i_dont_do_research

    Wasnt expecting the trailer to look better than the thumbnail. Also the trailer start with people in a car driving down a wooded road toward some vacation or cabin or hike or spelunk or whatever is so overdone.

  • Maloonyy

    “I know a big ass shark when I see one”

    Everyone knows a big ass shark when they see one, because you can see the shark being big…

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