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That’s just how it is

That’s just how it is

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  • UnitatoBia

    Oh for me its really just straighto dudes being overline abusive and not understanding “no”. other then that? Online would be great, 100%!

  • happyduckling

    You should just double down and apply this mindset to everything in life. Someone will always be more skilled than you in every field possible in life, so why try doing anything and live in your parents basement forever.

  • astropotato

    I’ve had a great experience with the Deep Rock Galactic discord community. It’s a co-op game, though I love playing solo.

    Havent played a multiplayer game with a better community than this one. Barely touch online games for that reason.

  • Automan2k

    Honestly, it’s the curse if E-sports. Everybody thinks they are gonna be the next big thing. Overwatch used to have a great community until e-sport competitions started then it became just as toxic as all the others.

  • benmcsausage

    If this is the case that just means that multiplayer game sucks ass imo. I only say that because all games that are competitive should have skill based matchmaking.

  • FyrSysn

    Honestly multiplayer is not as bad as people make it out to be. The secret here is to play with friends. I was ultra competitive when I was still a student(Hit top rank in pretty much every game I played). Now that I have a 9-5 job, I barely have time to play and stay relevant skill wise. Now I always play with squad so I can still have fun even I lose the game.

  • Hana_Baker

    If you can’t enjoy the game while losing then maybe it’s better you skip out on it, even the best players lose.

    Toxic players on the other hand…

  • 9Point

    Play Monster Hunter if got a switch or a PC.

    Fantastic community, beautiful game.

    I honestly am blown away that this isn’t a more popular game.

  • richmond456

    Titanfall 2 in a nutshell. We even had an event to get eceryonexto play on 1 day to show Respawn how many people still played it and it was the most toxic day ever. No way of encouraging newbies into the community

  • AndringRasew

    I once got into a lobby where the lead score guy on my team was complaining how I was trash and so was everyone else on our side.

    “Hey man, if it’s your ambition to be a garbage collector, man, you do you. That’s your job, who am I to judge?”

    He just started laughing. A little humor can defuse it if you get lucky.

  • Arcaneallure

    For me it was realizing the sheer amount of time required to stay competitive. Oh yeah I put 8 hours in, stay up late, be on time to meets and raids… No problem let me just quit my job.

  • Handsyboy

    Had another survivor in Dead by Daylight spend like 5 minutes tearing into me and friend for being complete trash, not even good, we should kill ourselves etc. It was my friend’s first ever match of the game and I was following him around explaining things to him and just kinda babysitting while helping out when I could. Killer wiped all of us, and this rando was PISSED about it. Blamed the two of us for being garbage and not doing anything all game.

    The kicker? He was the first survivor dead, with around 3k points because he kept being cocky and trying to pull the killer into chasing him. My buddy had over double his score despite having no idea what he was doing.

  • GeebusNZ

    Cooperative multiplayer games are rare. Competitive is so much easier to find. Having said that, Deep Rock Galactic is very cooperative and worthwhile.

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