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Tarantino on Tenet.

Tarantino on Tenet.

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  • boumtjeboo

    He said the same thing about Dunkirk on his first viewing and then on re-watch he said it became one of his top 10 films of the decade.

  • Ok_Dimension9861

    Video man: Dunkirk… Favorite movies of ALL TIME. All time? It’s not even the best film about time. tickticktick,TICK, tick, TICK, tickticktick, TICK! fin.

    Jiddery past his peak moloch of 90s cinema” See Tenet again? Why? Nolan makes hot garbage ever since someone decided he was a “genius'” ok he’s a proficient film maker, but his story telling is head on broken glass shit.

    Tarantino sucking Nolan’s 35mm dick.

    Dudes, you can make something great, you got the skills, so please please do it.

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