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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

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  • Roache1984

    Man i genuinely sat bolt upright in bed a coupl years back pointing at nothing yelling “I FUCKING TOLD YOU TWICE ALREADY, KEEP IT UP AND YOUR BARRED”

    My wife who’s also a security guard “I’m speaking to your boss first you fuckin wanker!”

    Work really gets into your subconscious like.

  • TntHarry

    the wife was suppost to come home after her shift… that is how he is affected… or is the joke that he is suppost to take care of their daughter? =)

  • tangcameo

    I have dreams either about my old jobs where they call be in to work there again, or I’m on vacation and I completely forgot I’m supposed to work the next day 2000 miles from where I am.

  • Wy3Naut

    I worked retail for 10 years and lived this life. I soon found a job that was telemarketing and almost went back. Then on the suggestion of my boss, (who’s boss was looking to fire me.) I interviewed for entry level IT and got the job because of 10 years of the hell that is retail.

  • mrmitchs

    I woke up panicking about being several chapters behind in a literature class I was taking in college. I had been out of college for 20 years.


    Did this shit really happens ? I give tech support to a bunch of idiots but as soon as I complete my schedule I always leave all the problems at the damn office, don’t take work with me to home, in any form or way.

  • gilgasmashglass

    I have two types of nightmares:

    One about being back at my restaurant job and fucking it up.

    The other is back in college, not turning in my papers.


    I had a dream the air pressure for the breaks on my 18 wheeler ran out so I couldn’t use the breaks. I woke up feeling like an idiot cuz I know full well that the air pressure is what holds the emergency breaks so when the pressure runs out the breaks auto engage stopping the truck.

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