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Suspicion — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Suspicion — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

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  • Sisiwakanamaru

    Here are details about the shows

    > The eight-episode series stars Uma Thurman as a prominent businesswoman who is kidnapped from a hotel in New York. With detectives looking for clues as to who would kidnap her, they turn a suspicious eye to a group of four British citizens, who were at the hotel when the businesswoman was kidnaped. With the National Crime Agency and the FBI hot on their trail, the group embarks on a race against time to prove their innocence; and, along the way, find out that not everyone can be trusted.
    > Alongside Thurman, the diverse cast will also include Kunal Nayyar, Noah Emmerich, Georgina Campbell, Elyse Gable, Elizabeth Henstridge, Tom Thys-Harries, and Angel Coulby.

    It seems pretty interesting, especially if you’re in the mood for conspiracy thriller.

  • starsandbribes

    I don’t think its a massively interesting trailer but I think the actual series has potential considering the people involved in creating it.

  • ghighoegha

    I can only laugh when I see somebody getting arrested at her wedding lol. Do they really think that makes good television. This looks like all these generic British mystery series on Netflix like Stay Close, Safe and The Stranger.

  • alexmorelandwrites

    Been keeping half an eye on this for a while, but seeing the trailer it is so *weird* to see a cast of mostly very BBC actors, in a plot that has the vibe of a Tuesday night drama you’ve forgotten six months later, but made with *so much more money* than you’d usually see something like this get.

  • iLickBnalAlood

    Huh, for someone that usually thinks Americans doing British accents don’t work, I thought Kunal Nayyar’s accent was pretty good. I actually had to rewind and make sure it was him, as I’ve been so used to his accent/voice as Raj in TBBT and this voice is… absolutely nothing like that lol

  • AMA_requester

    Kunal Nayyar looks good in this. If this and Criminal UK have told me anything it’s The Big Bang Theory was really holding Kunal back from showing off his chops.

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