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(Supposedly) My grandfather (left) next to Mussolini around WW2.

(Supposedly) My grandfather (left) next to Mussolini around WW2.

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    This is my maternal grandfather who died before I was born. He held some uncool views so maybe you won’t consider it old school “cool” but I find it fascinating for historical and reasons. My mum and grandmother are both dead so I don’t know much details. According to my mum, my grandfather had claimed to be a double spy during the war for Hitler. I have publications authored by him which suggest he was involved in fascist ideology, but I have no idea if he was really a spy. He had an Italian and jugoslavic citizenship. Would love some more information, although I am not sure I want to post his name as it would make it easy to identify me. My dad has speculated that the third (middle) man in the photo is Peter Graf Yorck von Wartenburg.

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