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Student project in my HS history class

Student project in my HS history class

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  • webb79

    It’s a cold war class elective class. On the last day we do a museum day where students make an exhibit for any subject they want to be the expert on.

    I’ve had students request video game topics in the past (such as CoD accuracy), but most of the pop culture is music or movies. When Diana asked if she could do hers on Metal Gear Solid I told her I would keep it up in my classroom until the end of the time. I could not be happier with the work she did.

  • mordum01

    If someone told me about Metal Gear without knowing it is a videogame, I’ll crap my pants.

    Kojima did a very good work with the series.

  • simonwagon

    That’s awesome, reminds me of the project I did in HS French 1 where I compared still standing irl landmarks to Assassin’s Creed Unity’s versions of them

  • Paulsworldohya

    That’s really awesome. I really wish i could’ve done a metal gear type project for school. They seem like a person i could actually talk to about metal gear, when back then I don’t think i ever came across anyone interested in the lore of metal gear much besides online.

  • LittleWingGraham

    At a glance, people may feel that a game like Metal gear glamourises violence and combat, but at the core at each of his stories going back now 30 years, Kojima delivers an anti war/anti nuke message. Over and over through games he’s advocated for stealth over action, peace over war, total nuclear disarmament, deciphering misinformation in a digital world (mgs2)and obviously, a ton of constant communication. He was very ahead of his time in an industry that mostly wasn’t covering these things

    Makes me so happy to see some young kid use MGS for a school project like this. I hope they use it as a backdrop for a lot of other projects in the future, you could do hundreds of these.

  • suddenimpulse

    I can see why our education rankings are getting lower and lower compared to the Scandinavian and European nations.

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