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Stop worrying and love the bomb.

Stop worrying and love the bomb.

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  • chrischi3

    Tom Lehrer is such a legend. He was the type of man who, when you told him not to do something, would find a way to do it anyway without violating the rule. During his time at the army, he invented an alcoholic candy after being informed that alcoholic beverages weren’t allowed. He once also managed to rhyme the word orange, though i must say that
    Eating an orange
    While making love
    Makes for a bizarre enj-
    oyment thereof
    is an extremely dirty rhyme. Still, it was reason enough for Lofty Pursuits to dedicate their orange flavoured drops to the man. (Also, if you ever wondered why drops are called that, it’s because they’re rolled through a press that presses the raw candy mixture into shape. They are then left to dry in a big sheet, which is dropped to seperate the individual bits of candy)

  • anarrogantworm

    OP you might also like the work of Roy Zimmerman. He does satire music on some more current topics with some of the same flare. Tom Lehrer even gave him a little nod, which makes me really happy as a big fan of both.

    Tom said “I congratulate Roy Zimmerman for reintroducing literacy to comedy songs.”

    Here are a couple that I am a fan of, but maybe you’ll find something else you find entertaining.

    [Is America Ready?](

    [My Conservative Girlfriend](

    [The Unions Are to Blame](

    [Dear 1036924053887](

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