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Stalins Cannibal Hell

Stalins Cannibal Hell

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  • LibertyTerp

    It’s so important for us to never forget what happens when Nazis, Communists, Maoists, and other kinds of authoritarian socialists get power. Never forget. Never again.

  • Magatha_Grimtotem

    Also let’s not forget what happened to the human rights group who uncovered the story of Nazino, among many other horrific crimes perpetrated by the Russian leadership upon their people…

    Putin didn’t like people unearthing things which showed Russia’s ugly dark history so he had Memorial persecuted heavily, many of its members arrested on trumped charges of terrorism, pedophilia, accusations of being foreign agents, and other bullshit.

    Hopefully some day the Russian people get a leader who actually gives a fuck about them and views them as fellow human beings, instead of as disposable fodder to be sacrificed on the altar of bullshit whims.

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