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So long, partner.

So long, partner.

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  • EmiraFromAfar

    You… Make plans to never play a favorite game again? I can’t imagine not leaving room for the possibility at least. Uninstalling to make room is one thing, but this doesn’t sound like that.

  • ChiefDrCox

    I have games I feel like I’ve completed to the fullest but I still keep them on just in case I feel the need to go back.

    Yes it’s a cliche but true still… never say never.

  • Amanystya

    I don’t know. I keep saying that about Skyrim but about 100 playthroughs and 3,000+ hours later I just made a new character all over again. I don’t think I’m ever going to escape

  • European-Onion

    this was supposed to be me finnishing Prince of Persia the Two Thrones for the first time in my life, (not because its sad only because it’s been like 10 years and i still haven’t beaten the final boss) and then i died on the final boss… on easy mode… and its at that moment you just walk away

  • Ninja-The-Wonderboy

    I got what you were saying, OP.

    Mine was the rebooted Tomb Raider series. I absolutely love those games and hate when I go to advanced and get the message “once you continue you can no longer go back.” Knowing that’s it…. But they all end so fantastically.

    But I’ve not gone back to those games afterwards.

  • HirokiTakumi

    Just had this happen to me with Metroid Dread, I was on Hard Mode and I knew I was gonna get sub4hrs (almost got sub3), and it started setting in that after the final fight, I’d be completely done with the game after getting 100% of the power ups… It was a sad hunt for them.

    I’ll probably run it again though lol

  • Ghost_82x

    It’s been a few years now, but I I did my last on on the OG Final Fantasy Tactics back in 2007 or 2008. I took my time, found as much as I could, stole the best gear, and dubbed it my “dynasty run” I often still think about the game but there isn’t anything left for me to do that I haven’t already done. It’s a bitter sweet feeling turning off a game that you loved knowing you won’t boot it up again. I always say, “farewell, old friend.”

  • saurovaire

    I only get this when I truly feel like the game I’m playing and about to finish, will never match the feeling of the first round going through it.

    Replaying games is very rare for me. I haven’t re-played the Half-Life series since beating them back in 2014 when it was HL2’s 10th anniversary.

  • cumfartsandhearts

    I have a 1TB hard drive and I don’t let myself uninstall to make more room without 100%’ing something (unless I really disliked the game). In 2021, i 100%’d & uninstalled DS3, DQ11, Yakuza 7, Doom (2016), & Horizon Chase Turbo. I’ve got a decent amount of room now… But outside of the last two, there were some really really big feels in the “so long, good friend,” category. Maybe one day we’ll meet again.

  • Nerradain

    As a Dark Souls player, usually the last run is a “fuck this” and alt-f4. Come back years later to, “Failure to end session with Quit Game may result in a loss of progress” and then a quick replay and a reminder of why you quit the last time.

  • Murkus

    Wait. For the first time I’m wondering, are we possibly looking at an image of a cat that’s been abused to get this pic?

    Seems quite possible. Hmmm.

  • KalTheMandalorian

    Got the Platinum on Batman AK recently.

    Had this as a uninstalled it. So long caped crusader, it’s been a real one.

  • SweetPuffDaddy

    Uninstalling The Last of Us 1 after getting all the trophies hurt. I finished the game on Grounded + and finished the last trophy, and sat there watching the entire credits. It was the reason I had bought a PS4. That was my 6th playthrough of the game over a span of like 5 years

  • Mefic_vest

    Best one I’ve ever heard about was this guy whose father died years ago, he pulled out a racing game they used to play together and discovered the ghost of his father’s car lapping him in the game.

    Turns out the last fastest lap time that won the game previously had that gameplay re-appear in all subsequent games as a ghost car to inspire players to beat it (and become the new ghost car). He played obsessively until he finally got ahead of the ghost car… only to stop right before the finish line, allowing his father’s ghost car to beat him and remain preserved in the settings.

  • whataminot

    If I ever complete a game I love, for instance pikuniku, I don’t Uninstall it, I call it space worthy, and keep it there.

  • I9Qnl

    I will never leave Red dead redemption 2. Never.

    Played it on both PS4 to PC, i have 2 versions of it, one cracked for modding reasons and one legit, taking up 250GB of my storage, haven’t played it in months but i will keep it to remind of the best time of my life.

  • A_Hatless_Casual

    Honestly I will cycle through what’s installed and what isn’t. I always plan on going back to my favorites though.

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