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Shopping Cart Theory

Shopping Cart Theory

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  • gofigure62

    I always return shopping carts because it’s the right thing to do. I don’t want to make more work for the employees, and I don’t want to make it difficult for people to park, and I don’t want anyone’s car getting damaged.

  • IterationFourteen

    Well said. There are many such little things in day-to-day life. One example I like to use is whether or not people walk faster (or even run walk) when they are in a crosswalk and a car is waiting for them.

    There is no expectation of a return favor, its just an indicator of whether or not you respect the time of the person who is waiting for you.

  • Deliverz

    I like and agree with the idea.

    I dislike and disagree with turning a literal screenshot into a minute-long video.

  • ickyrickyb

    No one will punish you for not returning the cart, but they will surely make you wish you did when they narc you on YouTube

  • warrenfgerald

    Going to the grocery store in general, particularly costco, is a good way to get a good grasp on how shitty people can be. At the entrance people often come to a complete stop to put their membership cards back in their purse, wallet, etc…. while others must wait behind them. People will leave their carts in the middle of the aisles while they read ingredients on products making it impossible for others to go around. People will take more than one sample, even when their second is the last sample available. People will go the wrong direction in the cold produce room despite huge arrows painted on the floor. It goes on and on. The heat death of the universe can’t come soon enough.

  • payfrit

    in Canada you gotta put a loony ($1) into the cart to release it from the cart storage.

    when you put it back into the cart storage you get a loony back

    if you don’t put it back, people can collect them themselves from the park and earn $1 per cart.

  • peppers_taste_bad

    Also stop leaving them in the middle of the fucking aisle while you wander around 100 feet away deciding on which goddamn chips you want to shove in your face

  • jeffmik

    When this was passed around a few years ago, it was hilariously attributed to Glenn Danzig. I never looked into whether it was true but I want to believe .


    I always return my cart. On occasions I return other peoples carts, as example someone finishes loading up their stuff into their car and the coral is on my way anyways. And now and then I put abandoned carts into a coral. I don’t necessarily go far out of my way to do it, but a little bit helps.

  • StubbornPotato

    I live in a solidly-middle to upper-middle class area, and I want to say that close to ~80-90% of shoppers at the local grocery just leave their carts wherever they parked.

  • Janktronic

    If you are like ME you are a mother fucking SAINT because you pick up a stray cart on your way in to the store and then return it when you are done, not only are you doing the right thing for yourself, you’re doing it for some one else too. Also I’m so humble.

  • garthock

    I try to leave a 0 shopping cart foot print. I always take one in the store with me from the return area in the parking lot. If I take one out, I have not added to the shopping carts in the return area, and if I don’t, I have then reduced the number in the return area.

  • meinherzbrennt42

    I knew a guy that justified never returning the basket cause he was “creating a job.” In his mind, someone was getting paid to corral them so he shouldn’t bother. Yeah, he was a dick.

  • roastedantlers

    This is classic game theory. I wouldn’t say it’s tragedy of the commons, but the concept is similar enough. It’s in everyone’s best personal interest to not return the shopping cart. It is the system itself that is flawed, as it does not consider human nature.

    Everyone is fixated on shopping carts, but they never talk about the thousands of other daily instances where this same thing occurs. Everyone cheats these unspoken rules every day, it’s just a matter of which ones you decide are important and which ones you don’t.

  • The_Shape_Shifter

    In South Africa there is an informal industry around the return of shopping carts. Someone will usually accompany you to your vehicle and offer to push your cart for you. They will also help to unload your cart. They will then return you cart. There is no rule one must pay them anything, but the norm is to give a small tip. One can even hire them for a small amount to push your trolley home in the event you do not have a car.

  • the_real_duck

    I return my carts at all but one shop, and that’s specifically because that one stores trolly collector is an absolute asshole.

    He consistently blocks the exit ramp from the rooftop carpark with trolleys while he has a smoke. I’d never park there but sometimes it’s the only parking. if you ask him to move them he screams at you so you either have to move them yourself, or exit through the entrance. For that reason he doesn’t get the convenience of me putting my cart back. I know it’s incredibly petty but I made my decision. If he’s ever not there or replaced, I’ll put them back.

    Every other shop, shopping centre or opportunity to and I 100% always will put it back. I just wanted to present an example of why someone might not in one situation put it back.

  • ThirdHairyLime

    This is peak lazy ethicist Reddit, right here. A bunch of people blowing each other in congratulations for … returning shopping carts.

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