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Selena + Chef Season 4 | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Selena + Chef Season 4 | Official Trailer | HBO Max

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  • jelatinman

    Love this show. Couple of concerns:

    1. Selena didn’t even know how to work an oven, how will she work in a NEW kitchen??

    2. Will Zaslav shitcan this because (while it’s unscripted) he didn’t come up with it?

  • monsieurxander

    As an imperfect cook it’s fun to watch because I’ve made plenty of the same mistakes. I appreciate that she’s not playing dumb and is getting better over time.

    Smallest nitpick but I hope they scale back on the blonde sidekick being so thirsty all the time.

  • Even_Ambassador8827

    God I love this woman. I don’t mean it in a weird way, but she’s just such a charismatic and beautiful person, really love her vibe

  • sQ5FWKjwbWd4QzSZduqy

    I saw this advertised on the same screen as Chef the movie and was disappointed that it wasn’t Selena Gomez and Jon Favreau.

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