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Sega needs to listen to the fans and delay sonic frontiers for a year or it will be another sonic 2006

Sega needs to listen to the fans and delay sonic frontiers for a year or it will be another sonic 2006

Sega needs to listen to the fans and delay sonic frontiers for a year or it will be another sonic 2006 from gaming

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  • Citadelvania

    I don’t know what franchise you’ve been playing but this is actually significantly above my expectations for the Sonic franchise. Have you seen the other Sonic games? Like 30% of them are terrible and 60% are extremely mediocre.

  • RedditorFonz

    To be fair I’m not a sonic fan to begin with but this game does look off. The idea sounded cool but this gameplay doesn’t make me want to play it. Maybe a pallet change, something like sonic for Dreamcast, giving it a Mario SunShine type of look? I think the world looks like a jumbled mess, like whenever I try my hands at building things in games like LBP, MineCraft, Fortnite.. and I’m not good at all at putting all the parts together to make it a cohesive level/world.

  • devils_toenail

    It looks like a Unity tutorial (Part 4 – Get your character moving in a 3d terrain) that they just stuck a Sonic character into and said ‘Meh, good enough’

    This is supposed to launch in 2022?

    Lol, good luck with that Sega.

  • 13lueChicken

    Christmas ruins sonic games. There. I said it. I blame the shitty sonic games on the existence of Christmas tempting those executives to push unfinished games out by Christmas.

  • Speedymon12

    While there are some legitimate criticisms, I do think some of the flak is unwarranted. The game seems to be trying to translate the multiroute levels of the genesis games into 3d, which in my opinion from the trailers doesn’t look that bad.

    For 3d platformers, high speed is detrimental for accurate jumps. It seems Sonic team slowed Sonic down to make it easier to do precise jumps. The combat also seems interesting enough, with enemies no longer being one hit and multiple options in combat. Dodging seems to be implemented, so it doesn’t look like it’s going to be mindless.

    Everyone seems to be forgetting how boring the boost era of sonic was. One track, with max speed achieved with one button, and enemies requiring one hit. To me this new game seems to be going on a good direction.

    What I feel that needs work is the animations and art style. Sonic looks janky as he moves in the trailers. Also it’s weird seeing realistic robots with sonic with his cartoonish design, and that realistic architecture just floating with noting holding it up.

  • MisanthropicAtheist

    “listen to fans” is never a good idea.

    Fans are stupid, they have no idea what goes into making games and their ideas are always terrible.

  • Dukwdriver

    I feel like 3d open world just fundamentally doesn’t work for a real Sonic game. Since travel speed is inherently high, you basically need a huge resource intensive map that’s open enough that you can tell what’s going on, but you also can’t really populate it with things to stop to look at because it will feel terribly bogged down.

    What they’ve got looks just like they stuffed some generic parkour assets into giant unreal map #7.

  • Wr3nch07

    The world looks so beautiful yet it’s not colourful enough for me, sonic is a smack in your face with that blue colour but the rest looks so grim in comparison. But the most important part is that it’s just empty, just BOTW it all the way and add cool and dumb shit.

  • kindle139

    Hmm, I’m not a Sonic guy, haven’t played since the Genesis days, but this game doesn’t feel very Sonic-y.

  • alexlop2002

    In my opinion it’s hard to do an open world sonic game due to the speed of the character and I feel like that kinda excuses the devs from really putting detail down. Watching this makes me feel like sega is having an identity crisis

  • Big-Combination-2730

    Graphically I think it looks kinda nice but none of the gameplay made me think “this looks fun.”

  • inkyblinkypinkysue

    Based on what I’ve seen I don’t think a year is nearly long enough. This looks like the absolute bare bones of an open world and once you get it to this point the real game design can begin.

  • Spazic77

    Can we just stick to the cartoony sonic locations from the original Sega games and make a 3d landscape from them? Sonic games weren’t great because they looked real, they were great because they were colorful and fun.

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