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Santorini sunsets just hit different (OC)

Santorini sunsets just hit different (OC)

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    I fell in love with white wine and feta cheese on my trip to the Greek Islands. Who doesn’t? As cliché as it is, sunsets on Santorini just hit different. We found so many photogenic moments and people, it was truly alive at night here.

    What some people don’t know is that Santorini was called Thera in classical times.

    Even before the Greeks, this was a center of Minoan civilization. Minoans were a Bronze Age civilization that had palace complexes and an intricate international trade network linked into most of the Mediterranean. The city unearthed by archaeologists on Thera, now called Akrotiri, contains some of the oldest plumbing in existence. Along with an apparent vibrant social life, there are well preserved frescos showing an artistic community thrived here as well.

    Unfortunately Minoan Thera was destroyed in one of the largest ever volcanic eruptions around 1600 BCE. This entire Mediterranean trading network and palace society would collapse by 1150 BCE, with reports of destruction as far as Egypt to the Balkans. Although it will probably never be fully explained the Late Bronze Age collapse will always fascinate historians and amateurs alike. Similar to Pompeii, the sudden destruction and burial in ash has preserved the settlement extremely well.

    Rising in its wake were the Classical Greeks. Dorian Greeks inhabited the island and Thera became an important strategic and religious island in the Aegean Sea during the struggle between Athens and Sparta.

    Today the site of relaxation, romantic nightlife and expensive resorts, Santorini also holds a depth of history for those willing to search for it. The entire Greek Island experience is [just magical in fact.](https://nowweexplore.com/2021/10/19/greek-island-hopping/)

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