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Response from Ferris State University Professor Barry Mehler

Response from Ferris State University Professor Barry Mehler

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  • gonna_recruit

    I know you said the Prof. has plans to digitize and make available some of his lectures/materials. Can you share with us a brief overview of what sort thing we can expect in the future? I imagine nothing major until a little while after he finishes out the year at Ferris.

  • TrashmanInTuxedo

    Do you have the link to the original video he’s talking about? I saw it last week and cant find it again. The one where he says its scripted
    *the one that he says is scripted. specifically the one thats cut and pasted together that hes talking about

  • vff

    If he set up a Patreon account, I’d join it immediately just to support him—regardless of whatever content he might eventually produce. I’d love to see more videos from him, but I also hope he inspires others to speak out. We need more people like him in the world. A lot more.

  • fuckboifoodie

    Professor, your words in the video brought me to tears and made me want to go back to school for the first time in over a decade after being jaded by the rising cost of education.

    Hearing your feelings on the pandemic paired with your tone, matched my own cynicism and absurdist thoughts and made me feel less alone.

    I am so happy you found this vocation and are influencing the next generation. Thanks for the hopium and please don’t ever stop doing what you are doing.

  • ostensiblyzero

    Reminds me of how my AP Gov/Econ teacher during a unit on secret police would coordinate with a student in each class and then accuse them of cheating the next day, yell at them in front of the class, and say he had a list of all the other students who had cheated on the test, and that if they didn’t come forward everyone would be having points off their exam. Scared the shit out of us but then went on to explain that this was a watered down version of how secret police could operate during purges. Really cool teacher.

  • TheKerui

    Surprise surprise the man who has dedicated his life to higher education isn’t a mustache twirling bad guy.

    His first video was amazing and anyone who took it too seriously either did it to garner attention through outrage, are missing their humerus, or may be missing some of that higher education referenced above.

  • l_one

    An update with some background on the history of his teaching method, and the recognition Ferris has given him for it:

    March 16, 2017:

    “The [Distinguished Teacher Award] Committee would like to express its appreciate for the great effort you put into the selection process and for welcoming us into your classes. We all benefited from the experience. The Committee regards your status as a finalist to be a very significant achievement. You are an exemplary teacher and Ferris State University is privileged to have you as a faculty member.”

        Jennifer Lamberts, Chair

        Distinguished Teacher Award Committee

        cc. President Eisler

        Provost Blake

    January 11, 2022:

    David Eisler was “shocked and appalled by this video.”

    “It is profane, offensive and disturbing and in no way reflects our university or its values,” he added.


    Maybe Eisler doesn’t check his email?

  • double-happiness

    Anyone who complained about his original video doesn’t know what a poor lecturer actually looks like. I’ve had not just one, but two, HE lecturers whose entire shtick was to stand up and mumble incoherently for the best part of an hour. One of those two didn’t even know how to work a laser pointer. I complained about the other because her English was so poor I could hardly understand a word she said. This guy is a good lecturer IMO, and I’ve seen a few (in 13 years in adult education).

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