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Resident Evil | Official Trailer | Netflix

Resident Evil | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  • markyymark13

    Why is it that Resident Evil seems to be the only video game property that studios want to make, only for all of them to be really bad lol.

    I would really love it if they handed this IP to a good horror filmmaker to bring to its roots.

  • Smallgenie549

    Can we get one faithful adaptation please?

    At least Welcome to Raccoon City was somewhat true to the source material…

  • 4ha1

    Seems interesting. But since it’s a Netflix show, let’s spin the cancellation wheel!
    a) Cancelled despite being very popular with no apparent reason;
    b) Cancelled because the show look like shit after season 1 due to budget cuts;
    c) Cancelled because Netflix decided to release three more zombie shows while this was still running;
    d) Cancelled because it’s not another Stranger Things;
    e) A board member’s child didn’t like it.
    *BONUS: It ends on a cliffhanger.

  • I_Like_Grills

    This honestly looks like a good time. Not some thought-provoking masterpiece, but a fun show to relax with after a long day. I’m reasonably excited.

  • Gram64

    Are we finally actually getting a Tyrant???

    It looks like it’s sorta based off game continuity to some degree? It sounds like the stuff in the 90s with Raccoon City happened, and present day Umbrella is trying to re-establish itself. Still doesn’t match game canon perfectly though, as Umbrella in the game works with the BSAA now to help eliminate bioweapon threats.

  • yazzy1233

    This honestly look so good. I love everything zombie so im gonna watch this regardless of its accurate to the games. And all the zombies and creatures look so cool

    Come to r/ResidentEvilSeries!

  • Orpheeus

    Since they said this is related to the games story, I’m going to guess this Wesker is a clone made as a contingency plan or something.

    Not really interested in the 2036 storyline, however. Resident Evil works best when the world isn’t actually destroyed and any bioterrorism attacks are contained.

  • xXPumbaXx

    I might get a lot of flak for this, but as of now, the only adaptation of resident evil that was decent was the first Paul WS anderson resident evil movie. It had everything an actual resident evil game had:

    – Feeling you are trapped in a zone full of monster

    – Creepy atmosphere

    – Actual slow scary zombie(resident evil series might have the only scary zombie in the world)

    – Corny cheesy plot

    The other movie sucked yes but I think the first one still holds up pretty well. People should really take inspiration from the first movie instead of just doing a zombie movie and slapping resident evil name on it

  • Semi_Noir

    What the fuck are they doing with this series? The newer games are nowhere near as bombastic as this “world ending” stakes crap.

    Fuckin’ bring it down, we don’t need 20 different characters, just set it as Ethan Winters fighting some hillbillies in the swamp or you know… just a fucking mansion or something.

  • FragMasterMat117

    The world of Resident Evil seems great for TV, a world where zombie outbreaks and bio terrorism is a part of life could be an interesting twist on procedurals. But instead we get this.

  • beerninja88

    So looks like this is some alternate timeline shit that takes place after RE3 but before the BSAA was established?

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