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Rafael Nadal’s unbelievable 112-3 record at Roland Garros in 18 years. 14-0 in Finals

Rafael Nadal’s unbelievable 112-3 record at Roland Garros in 18 years. 14-0 in Finals

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  • treditor13

    All I can think is, why couldn’t Felix have won his match with him? When Sampras, then Federer, raised their sixth Wimbledon trophies over their heads, it was at that moment I became uninterested in seeing them raise their seventh. Huge fans of both players, I’m a fan of the sport first. If the Yankees won the world series every year, it would get pretty boring around October. I watched a lot of the tournament this year, but I skipped the final. Didn’t miss anything.
    Let the hate begin.

  • ZiggyPenner

    Nadal’s dominance at this one tournament secured his grand slam title lead in more ways than one. 4 of his Roland Garros final wins came against Federer and 3 against Djokovic. When all 3 of them are between 20-22 grand slam titles, having a tournament where you’re 7-0 against your two closest competitors gives you one hell of a leg up.

  • catgotcha

    Nadal is amazing and definitely GOAT on clay. But consider this: if you play in 5 French Opens and make it to the final every year, your collective record will be 30 wins, 5 losses. If you lose in the first round of every one of those five years, you will still have five losses.

    It’s far more impressive to simply focus on the fact that he’s won 14 French Opens over 18 years rather than focus on this specific W-L record which can be misleading.

  • diemunkiesdie

    I misread this and thought “That Roland Garros guy must get pissed each time he gets matched against Nadal”

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