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Pilots of the Caribbean. Trinidadian pilot. Circa 1944

Pilots of the Caribbean. Trinidadian pilot. Circa 1944

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  • Torrivina

    Dogs are so fucking awesome. I’ve spent my entire life with a dog by my side and of all the things I think back on I remember my dogs more than the other humans I’ve met.

    Nowhere else do you find such excellent and loyal company. Sure,they might not be useful in terms of work like they were originally for but they make the best buddies.

    I can imagine how happy these guys must have been to finally land and get out of their plane and be able to ruffle their pups fuzzy head.

    Simple things even in the face of the shit show that was WW2.

  • thewacoin

    I see the secret German Shepherd infiltration program went well … but some belly rubs brought them over successfully.


    These are really great pictures, thanks for sharing!

  • kyt68

    Picture taken in December 1943, in front of a 132 Squadron Spitfire IXb. Sadly, he was killed in action flying cover over Arnhem (Operation Market Garden) on 25th September 1944.

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