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People in Naples have a strong reaction when given pineapple pizzas

People in Naples have a strong reaction when given pineapple pizzas

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  • wrkyle

    I’m hungry. Maybe I’ve had a shit day. I just want some comfort food. This guy shows up with the wrong order on purpose for his funny internet video. I’d be pissy too.

  • Frammered

    I wonder about people that have only eaten Pineapple (Hawaiian) pizza in Canada think about other types? Hawaiian have never heard of this type of pizza.

    It’s a favorite in my shop when the staff ask for pizza lunch but none of us have Italian backgrounds. Plus the pineapple is cut up and spread with the cheese not in large rings as in the video. I don’t think that would be enjoyable.

    I can’t think of a food combination that would enrage a Canadian like those in the video.

  • TuckerCarlsonsOhface

    That is not how you put pineapple on a damn pizza, and you know that! Also it goes with ham, FFS. GTFO with this disingenuous crap.

  • itsgameoverman

    It’s absolutely absurd people react this strongly to a pizza topping. Staged? Who knows. Putting pineapple rings like that is not the way to do it. Pineapple can absolutely be a good combination topping when used correctly.

  • nosedigging

    I understand you can be upset.

    But Italians are pretty stuck up when it comes to their food. If it’s slightly diff from how they prepare, they will abuse, contort their face and even assault looking at the video. YouTube is filled with these people.


  • judo1231231

    here’s what i’m in love with, pizza with white sauce, chicken, bacon, ham, pineapples, jalepenos, and BBQ sauce. It’s fucking amazing. Place I get it from calls it a Hot Hawaiian. me n eds in California fyi.

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