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(OC) The Mayor flies 51 star flags near the Capitol whenever there’s a hearing on DC statehood.

(OC) The Mayor flies 51 star flags near the Capitol whenever there’s a hearing on DC statehood.

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  • AshShay519

    I like how none of these comments are political at all but just asking which states should we add or merge together to one lmao

  • No_Candidate8696

    To anyone that supports DC becoming a state because “it doesn’t have representation”. Let me ask this for fairness. We let all the people born there vote because they didn’t choose to be born there. But anyone that chose to move there, knew the rules and does not get the right to vote.

    I ask this because it seems a lot of people who support DC statehood think that they lost their right somehow, or the rules aren’t in place for any reason. This is why I can’t put my foot in any political parties camp. People who support this and don’t know the reason, but want to change the rules, are not capable of critical thinking. Those same people would come across a cage in the woods, think to themselves, “this is in the way, I’ll move it” only to find out the cage was there to trap the rabid bear.

    DC isn’t a state because of a reason. If you educate yourself on that reason, you’ll understand why it’s important not to have the federal capital in the hands of sided politicians.

  • biscoito1r

    Yeah Puerto Rico should definitely become a state.

    DC should just go back to Virginia and a new capital should be built in Nebraska.

  • Misterstaberinde

    It is hilarious seeing people in person get flustered when I question them about taxation without representation. I keep getting accused of some liberal agenda.

    I mean the obvious answer is that they could do away the taxation part but they never take that angle.

  • FeralBottleofMtDew

    Its ridiculous. The residents of Washington D.C. pay federal taxes, but are not represented in Congress, so they have no say in how their tax money is spent. Taxation without representation was one of the reasons America rebelled against Great Britain.

  • DigitalArbitrage

    That’s the price you pay for getting free museums. /s

    Seriously though, DC was carved out of Maryland and Virginia, because people thought those states would get special treatment if all of the nation’s politicians live there. If DC wants to be a state then they should just rejoin Maryland/Virginia.

    We can move the nation’s capital somewhere else. DC was selected because it was in the middle of the country at the time. The middle of the country now would be what? Kansas? There is a lot of vacant land there which could be set aside for a new capitol.

  • turtley_different

    My favorite way to start a fight.

    * **FACT 1:** DC has 700k people with taxation without representation. It has reasonable support to become a state to rectify this.
    * **FACT 2:** There are 14 million green card holders with taxation without representation (banned from voting in national elections).
    * **SUGGESTION:** There should be immediate action to give green card holders the vote if taxation without representation is a meaningful principle.

    Generates a lot of anger surprisingly quickly.

  • Turbodog2014

    The entire reason DC exists is so that the capitol of the nation was not held under state jurisdiction. The entire point is for it to be neutral from states. Basic history.

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