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NY Yankees will broadcast gun violence facts instead of their game w/ the TB Rays

NY Yankees will broadcast gun violence facts instead of their game w/ the TB Rays

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  • Darthaerith

    Pity they didn’t include defensive gun uses as well. Which range from 100,000 to 500,000 each year.

    But that doesn’t fit the narrative.

  • captainpink

    Yankees went to Blacksburg for an exhibition game against the Hokies after the Virginia Tech shooting. They’ve got a good history of standing for this.

  • 3puttnet4

    I really think the only way things change is if we, the citizens just grind everything to a halt. Athletes just stop playing sports. Teachers walk off the job and strike. Airline pilots refuse to fly. Delivery drivers stop deliveries. Just grind everything to a full stop. These assholes in Washington don’t care. They just left for a nice vacation. Fuck them. It’s up to the people to make the change. I admire the Yankee organization for doing this. But it needs to happen on a much greater scale. The kids of this country are way more important than watching a baseball game or the Stanley cup or NBA finals. Just stop it all. Make the biggest civil disobedience statement in the history of the country. Fucking shut everything down until real change happens.

  • aCucking2Remember

    I was just in NY for a week and went to the Yanks Orioles game Monday night. They have a good high energy atmosphere. I really enjoyed it. I got one of the Orioles out in the bullpen to toss me a ball. I’m a lifelong Cubs fan but I would go back bc it was a good experience. Thanks NYC 🗽

  • santichrist

    A bunch of really dumb guys are really mad about this, they somehow say guns shouldn’t be political when it’s 100% a political issue that they absolutely vote for politicians based on

  • stocksnhoops

    They will spend a majority of the broadcast covering about 5 major cities in America. Those cities don’t get much coverage even though 100’s are shot every week in those cities.

  • FaustusC

    *yawn* rich, coming from the team based in a city with gun violence numbers that compares to some states and some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

    Will they broadcast crime statistics?
    Will they broadcast what percentage of the population dies by firearm?
    Will they broadcast what percentage of gun violence is random?
    Will they broadcast what percentage of gun violence is committed with stolen or illegal firearms?

  • Wjbskinsfan

    Somehow I don’t think they’ll include facts like gun violence has been declining since the early 90’s. Or having a hot tub is more dangerous than keeping a gun. Or the defensive use of firearms saves an estimated 600,000 lives each year…

  • FiendishPole

    >”In lieu of game coverage and in collaboration with the Tampa Bay Rays, we will be using our channels to offer facts about the impacts of gun violence. The Devastating events that have taken place in Uvalde, Buffalo, and countless other communities across our nation are tragedies that are intolerable”

    Wow. Just wow. I’m frustrated and angry as well but I didn’t post that

  • mk72206

    Wouldn’t it be more effective to overlay the facts throughout the broadcast? I bet very few people tuned in or stayed tuned in for this.

  • ErinG2021

    That’s dignified and shows real leadership. I never liked the Yankees much before, but I sure respect and admire them now.

  • Nowin

    This makes it sound like they didn’t broadcast on television. Did that happen or is this a misleading headline again?

  • almre

    Doesn’t NY already have heavy gun control? But yet, still has enormous gun violence and gun related homicides? Lol kind of hypocritical there.

  • sunnyspiders

    What’s with the “yeah but people in cities are worse” bullshit replies on this?

    Is that seriously the defence these fuckwits are trying? Omg cities bad?

    Fuck off.

  • smitty9112

    So I’m browsing r/all, and saw TB rays flash by and my first though was “what the fuck are tuberculosis rays” until I got context.

  • milesdizzy

    It’s fuckin weird when corporations and sports teams do the right thing before the *actual government* does. What a weird world we live in.

  • kermitsio

    OP spelled out a good example of gerrymandering. However it’s important to note the overall impact means the two parties are much more solidified and far fewer districts would be considered toss ups. If you can divide the base we’ll enough you only get more polarized due to less incentive to appeal to moderates/independents/undecided.

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