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Night Court – Dan is desperate to catch a flight, but a case involving the slowest man in the world holds him up

Night Court – Dan is desperate to catch a flight, but a case involving the slowest man in the world holds him up

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  • WhenRobLoweRobsLowes

    Saw this episode as a rerun a few weeks ago. Absolutely hilarious, and well done on Larroquette for managing the end-run of the episode, when he has to read the entire summary of charges against the last guy in line in something like 60 seconds.

  • throwawaylogin2099


  • SpaceBeer_

    That actor, Wesley Mann, is also in *Back To The Future Part II*.

    “I think he took your wallet!…I think he took his wallet.”

  • RiotShaven

    The weird part is how this is hilarious, but the audience laughter doesn’t seem to match up with the funniest parts of the scene, so it makes it worse. Also Dan doesn’t riff well with the slowpoke for some reason, another actor could have elevated this to the sky. I wish there was a blooper reel.

    Wesley Mann has amazing comedic timing in this though.

  • fail-deadly-

    The part about his father having the condition too was a great punchline. Though him walking out at first was the best part of the gag.

  • DifficultMinute

    I love this show. That guy and the Brent Spiner character are some of the most memorable in the whole show.

    Is this the same episode that ends with Dan having to read the charges, for the last guy, super fast? Or maybe that episode they were trying to break some record…

    That scene is also an amazing piece of Larroquette’s work.

  • TheEggAndI

    This is one of my all time favorite sitcoms, I was probably too young for it at the time but I still found it hilarious. I’ve been dying to rewatch it for a few years now, so maybe one or twice a year I’ll search for it to find out if its available for streaming anywhere, but I always came up short. The only place it seemed available was on iTunes for like $1 an episode. And I wasn’t gonna spend $1 an episode for a 30 year old show.

    However! Watching this clip just now reminded me to search for it again. And I was pleased to find its available for free on IMDBTv! Just started episode 1, super excited to watch this show over from beginning to end. Which I don’t think i was ever able to do before.

    Also it has one of the best theme songs ever.

  • bluebirdgm

    I sure hope that the Melissa Rauch revival is half as funny. And bring Brent Spiner back as Bob Wheeler for a case, while they’re at it.

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