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Newegg tries bribing youtuber to not publish their issues re: ripping him & charity stream winners off

Newegg tries bribing youtuber to not publish their issues re: ripping him & charity stream winners off

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  • zxcymn

    They must do this a lot because they once offered me $100 to change my 1-star review of their website on a different site. I took it then changed the review for like an hour before changing it back lol.

  • yankeeinexile

    Bestbuy being scummy, Newegg scamming and doing this, I’m running out of places to find a GPU outside of Microcenter, but I hear they treat their employees like trash.

  • mccannr1

    Man. What a wild ride for Newegg. From the absolute best to an absolute shitshow of a company.

    Amazing what a sale to a new owner that doesn’t give a shit will do

  • similar_observation

    Man, the newegg shitshow is getting a lot of attention lately. They didn’t have this much action when they were losing customer payment information in 2016 and 2018.

  • syrstorm

    Damn. They used to be the good guys – they famously refused to settle when patent trolls threatened lawsuits. They went straight to court multiple times and won each time. This is a shame.

  • DragoneerFA

    I’ve been having issues with Newegg for sometime, especially since they started allowing third parties to sell on their site and their reliability fell apart. Nothing quite like buying new hard drives only to find out companies are selling refurbs as “new”.

    This is just unfortunate, but enough I’ll no longer buy from ’em again.

  • rmorrin

    Damn this isnt even one of the gamers nexus videos about the shit new egg did to them. Glad this shit is making it rounds tho. Name and shame is the only way companies change.

  • ThreeOhEight

    I purchased a lot of computer hardware from Newegg over 2 decades. 3 years ago I made a mistake on a insignificant power supply purchase.

    The customer service agent became combative with me, refused the $55 return. Haven’t gone back since, customer service there is absolute trash.

  • ChadAtLarge

    I love that newegg is burning right now. Years ago they canceled my order and then sent me half of it and charged me the full price (I had already order a replacement). They sent me a bootleg samsung wireless charger that didnt work. They are the of tech sites. The 2nd party vendors they have are mostly scammers.

  • ThisIsANickname

    After many attempts, I was finally selected from a Newegg shuffle recently and got the chance to buy a 3080. Except instead of mailing me a graphics card, they sent me an empty box then closed my claim shortly after I contacted them to open a claim. Initially I thought it could be a carrier problem, but after seeing this and the Gamers Nexus videos, I’m more convinced its just more Newegg shadiness.

    I wasn’t home when it was delivered and my partner received the box. When I got home, I noticed it felt absurdly light (package weight listed as 6lbs), so I recorded myself opening it and took some pictures of the exterior to provide as evidence. Newegg ignored all this and did nothing about my claim.

  • reallyConfusedPanda

    Newegg is basically shit and Bestbuy is forcing people to spend more to buy GPU’s essentially scalping them… Let’s just hope Microcenter doesn’t go down this path

  • sgvprelude

    I used to work at Newegg during peak and left right around the time of their downfall. When I first started there, they made customer service their priority. We had a whole department dedicated to making sure every unsatisfied customer was happy. We worked with all the other departments and bent over backwards for Customers. Soon everything started getting outsourced to China. China team this, China team that. That’s when the wonky UI’s on everything started to spring up, the cheap China products started popping up on the site. They started firing all the experienced staff to bring in cheaper labor. You had higher ups who would find ways to line their own pockets. All the original directors, VP’s, & managers who made Newegg great were gone in a blink of an eye. Too bad, I actually enjoyed my time there and still consider it some of my best years.

  • noisuf

    I used to exclusively buy from NewEgg when I’d build my PC’s because Amazon used to be pretty sketchy to buy parts through and there wasn’t much else other than Fry’s way out of town for me. For the past few years I only buy from them when I’m desperate because if you’ve ever had to deal with their customer support for literally anything, it’s an absolute shit show. Glad to see them getting called out quite a bit lately because they honestly deserve the shit they are getting.

  • rohithkumarsp

    See Steve’s update video on new egg. New egg themselves RMAd the motherboard and new egg tht option to repair it for 100$ or return, they effin chose return and sold it to steve.

  • entity2

    Newegg is now one of the shittiest of the shit tier companies. What they’ve done with graphics cards and forcing bundles means I will never buy from them again. Profiteering fucking scumbags

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