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My neighbor “allegedly” refused to pay the guy who cleared his back yard. He’ll be coming home to this gift left in his driveway.

My neighbor “allegedly” refused to pay the guy who cleared his back yard. He’ll be coming home to this gift left in his driveway.

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  • Particular-Summer424

    Looks like it was dumped on the driveway and not the sidewalk so still on private property. I am sure the landscaper or tree removal company is well aware of local ordinances in these cases. No pay….no take away. And, since most of the area companies know each other, good luck getting it cleared off unless in cash. Oh, and sure the local HOA if applicable was “anon” contacted as well.

  • Double-Passenger4503

    How the fuck do people hire someone for a service and then just say nah fuck it I’m not paying you for what I hired you for


    I used to lay cobblestone driveways. One guy only paid his deposit, then didn’t pay the rest on completion of the job, so a week later, we uplifted the pavers and left.

  • el_ra_85


    I remember during the recession a home owner never paid a cabinet installer for a track of new houses they came back and took back all their cabinets lol

    Pay your services

  • Throwawaybibbi

    My father in law grew up on a farm and his family was dirt poor. He was such a hard worker and became a gifted carpenter and built cabinets, barns and houses. One wealthy woman in their town hired him to make her kitchen cabinets and after he handmade the upper and lower cabinets for her kitchen – getting the lumber from the local sawmill and and doing such beautiful work, she refused to pay him. There was nothing he could do about it. It made me sick to hear him tell me about it and hear how someone took advantage of him like that.

    He made the cabinets in the family home and they are still gorgeous 75 years later. Such beautiful work!!!!

  • Caspianfutw

    My Dad was a steeple jack. He would repair,paint and restore church steeples. I helped him back when i was a teen. No scafolding back then would work off of swings and ladders.

    We did this nice steeple at the cross roads in our city ,a big brick church, a beautiful building 2 small steeples and one large one. We restored it and gold leafed the crosses turned out great. That is until we wanted the final payment for job done.

    Pastor gave us the run around told us to call head of the church board, head was a lawyer, he gave us the run around. I’ll call you back,i’m out of town etc. This went on for over a month.

    My dad was not a man to be f’ed with and he reached his point. We went back to the church and striped the steeples with zinc chromate primer in diagonal stripes, its a yellow mustard color a week before a big televised parade in our town.

    We got paid next day and my Dad charged them for repainting too

  • todoslosdiaz_

    My grandfather was a concrete contractor back in the day. He once did a driveway for someone and they refused to pay because they never “signed a contract” and said they couldn’t prove that they ever agreed to pay (verbal agreement). My grandfather went back next day with a dump truck and a tractor and proceeded to rip their driveway out and haul the concrete away. The homeowner arrived part of the way through and started hysterically yelling at him to stop or she was gonna call the cops. He said he was well within his rights to take back the concrete that he paid for and had receipts to show proof of his ownership of said concrete. It is one of the funniest and pettiest stories I have ever heard in my life.

  • Real_nimr0d

    Time to setup video camera towards the house and get the reaction when your neighbour comes back and definitely update us.

  • MikoSkyns

    I was part of something like this once but didn’t know until it was happening:

    I was driving at night headed home with my old boss after working a shift in the evening. At one point he takes a left when he should have kept going straight and says to me, “we gotta make a pit-stop”.

    We rolled up to someone’s house and no one’s home. He said to me, “I’ll be right back”. Then he got out, starts whistling something like its another day at the job site and he pulled a big ass extendable tree pruner out of the back of the truck and cut the electrical wires that feed the house. He cut them as close as he could to the mast so they couldn’t re-splice them and would have to replace the wires. After he put away the Tree pruner he got a small sledge and smashed the shit out of the Meter, it’s box and the mast so the entire electrical entrance would have to be replaced.

    He got back in the truck and said, “I said they would pay one way or another” and we drove off. Later he told me they owed him close to 3 grand for electrical work and had refused to pay a couple of years before. So he eventually accepted that he’d never get the money and found a way to cost them what they owed him.

  • ScottNoWhat

    When I was a tree lopper, there’s fundamental differences working in rich and poor suburbs.
    Rich people expect everything for free, or it should be complimentary. They would see all the machinery being unloaded, come up and ask “hey since you have all the stuff here do you think you can cut this one branch?”

    If we are in the lower class areas there’s always incentive “hey mate, I got a cold 6 pack if you can cut this” or “If I give you $50, can you do that?” or both. Most of the time it’s no skin off our noses, I’ll send the the groundsman to do a quick cut and let him keep the coin/beers.

  • Awful_McBad

    I used to be an apprentice arborist and we did stuff like this all the time.
    It’s a really really good way to get people to pay what they owe.

    They’re perfectly willing to book the $1600-3000 tree removal, but for some reason people balk at paying.

    The funniest one was a dude that refused to pay so we dumped a full load of wood chips on his driveway. Firewood and branches are one thing, you can give away the wood and torch the branches. Wood chips are a pain in the ass.

  • ArrivalAlternative20

    I owned a landscaping company years ago. A guy had us redo his yard, with thousands of dollars in flowers and plants. (His daughter was having a backyard wedding). Then he refused to pay. The night before the wedding (while they were at the rehearsal dinner) my crew and I took back possession of the flowers and plants. Whining and threats followed. I gave everything to my crew for their own use. Screw Mr. Big Shot.

  • Choice-Judge-1809

    I worked for a tile contractor, part time. He had a contract to install all of the ceramic tile wall dividers at the airport food court, as well as all ceramic flooring. I ended up working more hours at this part time job, than I did my full time job… The lady who was the “contractor”, had a very high powered attorney for a husband. You can see where this is going…. Every week, she moved up the completion date required. Once the last piece of tile was layed, she never paid another penny of what she owed on the contract…. She said “good luck”, when he threatened a court action. Of course, her high powered atty. husband will take her case on gratis, and bleed the contractor dry over time, in the courts…. These are surely the first to die during the inevitable revolution… He ate tens of thousands in losses, ended up divorced, went bankrupt, and had to start all over again. This guy was an honest, awesome boss, (and human), and the wealthy had their way with the likes of him. 🤢 For now….🙂

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