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MISTER ORGAN – Official Trailer | A Documentary by David Farrier (‘Tickled’)

MISTER ORGAN – Official Trailer | A Documentary by David Farrier (‘Tickled’)

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  • mayukhdas1999

    > Journalist and filmmaker David Farrier (Tickled, Dark Tourist) unwittingly drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a mystery man creating havoc in his neighbourhood, wheel clamping cars at a local antique store.
    That clamper was Michael Organ, and little did Farrier know that delving deeper into who Organ really is would be a thrilling and tension filled three year long investigation – unearthing a trail of multiple court cases, inflated claims of royal bloodlines, ruined lives, and at least one stolen boat in this incredible true story of psychological warfare.

  • SailingBroat

    Tickled was a great, unique debut, but…I have to say Farrier’s other work feels like cheap sensationalist trash to me. Dark Tourist is like dollar-store Louis Theroux, and he has kind of a grating personality. I can’t imagine him managing to get the best depth out of any interviewee.

    He does have some eye for stories, but I don’t think the dude has the skill or charisma to put himself at the centre of his docs, tbh.

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