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Miami Vice – Carmike Cinemas Digital Projection [35mm] (2K)

Miami Vice – Carmike Cinemas Digital Projection [35mm] (2K)

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  • stumpcity

    I love this so much for so many different reasons

    1) Miami Vice is legit top-5 Mann. Granted, it’s probably #5, but still. That’s rarified air

    2) It’s a 35mm trailer touting digital projection

    3) The digital cinematography of Vice is pretty unique and fits that movie like a glove

    4) A *ton* of people probably have no clue that most screens in the US are still 2K. In fact, there’s a strong possibility the same 2K projector that threw this movie in the mid 2000s is the one *currently operating* at your multiplex of choice.

    The number of Ks (lol) your projector can resolve isn’t the be-all/end-all of your visual experience. Color fidelity, Contrast, Vibrance… all these things are way, way more important than lines of resolution.

    Anyway, watch Miami Vice. it’s a good movie.

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