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Matisse Thybulle went down hard after this fast break dunk

Matisse Thybulle went down hard after this fast break dunk

Matisse Thybulle went down hard after this fast break dunk from sports

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  • santichrist

    I watched that game because I bet on the sixers to clobber the Celtics because that’s a terrible team over there, they gave Dennis “bet on myself” Schroeder a flagrant foul on that play for pushing Matisse in the back supposedly causing the fall but watching it in real-time it honestly didn’t look like he pushed him so hard to make him fall on his back, it looked more like Thybulle was just running too hard and out of control and couldn’t hang onto the rim

    Either way hope he’s okay tomorrow, sometimes falls like that tighten things up later when the adrenaline wears off, the sixers aren’t a great team themselves but they need Thybulle if they want to do anything

  • Deyvicous

    Half the people here would trip by stubbing their toe on flat ground, yet for some reason a push to the back while in the air and moving at full speed isn’t going to do anything?

    “I didn’t see him get pushed”, yea and you probably can’t see past your pushing gut either.

  • ChocoboCloud69

    I did this in high school during practice once. Sometimes you just get in the moment and aren’t thinking about your forward momentum, and by the time you realize it’s too late. It’s like getting to the bottom stair and thinking there’s still one left.

    If it was anything like my incident the dude probably just had the wind knocked out of him real bad.

  • Surfsk8108

    Alaa with the terrible take on the broadcast. It only takes a very subtle push from behind when running full speed and dunking to risk serious injury. I would have liked to see a flagrant 2 called to set a precedent and knock that shit out of the game.

  • KinshasaPR

    That looks nothing like a flagrant or even a shooting foul. It looks like Matisse dunked with too much force and didn’t calculate his landing, if anything it’s a clear path foul. NBA refs suck!!

  • LDE77

    People are blaming the fall on another player barely touching his ass when the dude landed far enough behind the basket to make a 3 pointer

  • Bohvey

    I did this in high school, fractured my wrist and ended up with 5 stitches in my head. First stitches I ever had. I guess I was out for a few seconds too.

  • zbro3

    Watching the game live you could see just that extra bit of force probably threw Matisse off mentally for handling that dunk. Pretty obvious when 71 tries to play it off

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