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Japanese guy built his own mini truck camper and does solo camping and cooking. A calmer alternative to other louder van-life channels. [Tales Along the Way]

Japanese guy built his own mini truck camper and does solo camping and cooking. A calmer alternative to other louder van-life channels. [Tales Along the Way]

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  • Summebride

    For anyone curious about the technicalities, this is a somewhat dangerous cooking technique, and would be illegal in some jurisdictions. He fires up an open flame burner that would rapidly consume most of the oxygen in the tiny space, replacing it with deadly carbon monoxide. Just lowering the oxygen percentage in the space can be deadly to occupants. Raising the monoxide doubles the risk.

    His only safety is cracking the window, but it’s awning style and unvented (edit: this is a technical term for regulators meaning there is no pump or fan, just a passive opening) This cooking method without a strong, mechanically assisted exhaust plus an equal volume of makeup intake air would be considered a huge health violation most places. Consequences range from swift brain damage to death. Scores of people die here running similar scenarios such as running a gas grill indoors for heat or convenience.

    **Why this matters** – One of our neighbors is a sweet older woman. Twenty five years ago, her new husband and young son were traveling home and their truck broke down on a county road during a winter blizzard. The truck bed had an enclosed cover for tools and supplies. So they cleared it out and got in sleeping bags to wait for assistance. Help arrived the next day but found her husband dead and her son comatose. At some point in the night, they’d taken their camp stove and used it for warmth. They too had cracked open a window vent, but the coroner’s conclusion was the surrounding air pressure meant the window was ineffective. She’s spent twenty five years mourning her husband and caring for a severely brain damaged man who was once her lively young boy. All of their dreams were erased by this assumption that a little camp stove can’t hurt anyone.

    EDIT FOR /u/pcurve – Can’t respond directly because LORDOFBUTTSECKS is trying to block replies on this reposted video.

    To answer your query – no, the window isn’t quite as large as you say, but that doesn’t matter in terms of safety code. Safety code can’t just assume pressure differential won’t inhibit air flow. Atmospheric pressure, wind direction and other factors mean there’s no predictable inflow or outflow, even with a large window. That’s why you don’t see kitchens with just a window and no powered vents. Awning style makes it worse because it inhibits the flow potential.

    Secondly, that, nor a CO detector, would do anything about the risk of low oxygen concentration.

    EDIT for /u/First_Frost to answer your question because LORDOFBUTTSECKS is trying to censor comment replies. Code would dictate a very powerful exhaust fan vent typically much closer to the burner. A code inspector would actually measure the distance between powered vent and cooktop before issuing a safe occupancy permit. Larger industrial fans can be higher but that’s compensated by having massive CFM. If there is some fan elsewhere, it would have to be so powerful the noise would have drowned out the video.

    Edit for Dempom – Safety codes never gamble on the faint hope that a door flap and a lucky breeze will magically eliminate deadly risks.

    Edit for Lokito_ – seems like you,either can’t read or are deliberately trying to understand. I never said anything about whether his specific kitchen car is or isn’t safe. I just pointed out that it would fail to meet regulations in many jurisdictions. I wish there was an even more pre-school level way to explain this for trolls like you, but something tells me no matter how simplified, you’d still find a way to be malignant and dishonest.

    EDIT for ggggthrowawaygggg – From your history is seems like English is maybe a second or third language for you, so just to help with your misunderstanding, what I wrote says this car kitchen would be illegal in many *jurisdictions*. That means different places. Like, here in USA, we have hundreds of different areas comprising states, counties, cities, parks and neighbourhoods, and the country overall. Each of these would be called a “jurisdiction”. And basic logic says that while a kitchen car might be overlooked in your personal specific rural town in Japan, it *would* be regulated in most jurisdictions and in most first world countries.

    Here, regulations are driven by safety concerns and hazards. They’re very specific and they don’t allow for anecdotal whining. What I said about hazard is that having a gas hibachi in a closed space does pose dangers. That’s got nothing to do with Japan, but basic science which applies everywhere. I’ll hope your language barrier is why you presented yourself in a bad manner.

    **EDIT for the trolls who keep claiming that a vehicle like this could not possibly have any regulations, you couldn’t be more /r/confidentlywrong.**

    **Seriously. Google whatever country or state you’re in and you find tons of applicable regulations, many of them overlapping.**

    **You’ll find DMV definitions that get into the minutiae of whether this would be a Motor Home, a recreational vehicle, a Van Conversion, a HouseCar, a Camper Truck, A Van Camper or any of a bunch of things.**

    **You’ll find state or federal or city regs. You’ll find that just the presence of any items like closet or sleeper or sink or kitchen unit (or “any kitchen fixture thereof”) makes this project build subject to regulation.**

    **You’ll find that in many places, that cooking rig is a kitchen fixture and thus subject to stacks of regulations about life systems, safety systems, fire safety codes and more.**

    **You’ll find that “possibility of human habitation” can make a vehicle subject to subsections of occupancy codes.**

    **You’ll find that fans and vents and gas detectors and type B:C fire suppression and habitation level liquid gas installation standards must be met.**

    **You’ll even find that in some places, it’s illegal to sleep in a vehicle like this, even for one night.**

    **The rules are many and various. But make no mistake: anyone who claims because it’s a car there’s no regulations is just… wrong.**

  • MikoSkyns

    I like the ones with a more chill vibe. Thanks OP.

    Foresty Forest on YouTube is pretty chill too. Mostly a van lifer who cooks and goes on Hikes in the woods and mountains.

  • Cadwae

    I guess a good place to promote this, but if you like chill champing and cooking with comfy vibes, there is ‘Laid Back Camp’ anime that is a group of high school girls that camp and make food and such. Basically a camping version of the anime ‘K-On’ even down to girl personality types. Very chill and cozy anime with camping and cooking as the focus.

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