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I’ve never played a Souls game but i would like to buy Elden Ring. Should I?

I’ve never played a Souls game but i would like to buy Elden Ring. Should I?

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  • GTalmighty

    Try and find a way to play it first. I’ve had 3 people say it looked dope and then drop it a few hours later due to difficulty.

  • Ok-Albatross6794

    I’d start with Bloodborne I think it’s more approachable and there’s less of an rpg element.

    There’s a lot of videos and guides to help you through it, and it really is an amazing game. You can get it cheap on the psn. If you haven’t played any souls games Elden ring is going to have a massive learning curve.

  • Pollolol13

    it’s pretty fun, i recommend it highly. be patient, and don’t be afraid to ask the community for help if you need it 🙂

  • DinoGossage

    Hey man, I was in the same boat. I gotta say, this shit is toughhh but I’m having fun. I picked a random character to start and tooled around for bit, then I reset. Picked a character with starting skills I liked, which has made it more enjoyable. The combat is better than I thought it was gonna be and the game looks nice… just be prepared to die a lot lol.

  • ghostboy2015

    I will say that it is worth the price but make sure you’re prepared. Don’t want you quitting early on because of either the difficulty or boredom. Exploration is key, the more you explore, the better your chances of having a good time when you get to a boss.

  • soyboysnowflake

    A couple points OP –

    1. The souls games all have a really similar learning curve. Asking people which ones are easier or harder isn’t going to give you any real insight – cause the hardest one is almost always the one they learned first.

    2. The open world makes it a little bit easier because if you hit a wall, you have more options than trying again – you can go do other parts of the games or try a different boss before you return to the challenge that stumped you.

    3. Do you consider yourself to be patient? Do you think you have good self restraint?

    If the answers to these questions are no, my personal opinion is you won’t have as much fun as people that love these games.

    You cannot cancel attack animations in these games to dodge, and if you try dodging during an attack it’ll instead queue up a dodge as your next action. If you dodge during a dodge, it’ll queue up a second dodge.

    These games punish button mashing and a lack of restraint.

    The difficulty is having the restraint to attack during openings, but not too much, to maintain your stamina, not over extend yourself, and be more defensive and elusive than offensive and attacking – as well as the timing, pattern recognition, and reactions.

  • trasherick

    go for it just remember you dont have to fight all the enemies you see if your dying too much maybe explore somewhere else the important part is to have fun

  • Negaflux

    Samurai is a solid starter, you get close range and ranged combat options depending on the scenario, only thing you need to do is swap out to a better shield asap (one that blocks 100%) and then just go from there and have fun, be patient, dying is part of the game. Lots of mechanics built in to make things easier for you as well, spirits/summoning npcs/other players etc.

  • yobadood

    I would recommend this game to you, but the warnings are prepare to suffer, prepare for glory and overcoming challenges, and the story telling is subtle. The item descriptions provide most of the details, and the character dialogue is ambiguous at times. There’s a lot of mystery and reading to grasp the full story as it’s been the director’s MO since demon souls

  • bear4bunny

    Omg please sort by new and look at the other 100 threads asking this question. There are really good summaries in them.

  • srksi

    No, dont. Start with something older and cheaper and if your gamepad survives, then you are ready to buy if for full price

  • Jinchuriki71

    So many posts asking if they should get elden ring like if you don’t know if you should get it yourself you probably shouldn’t get it. Most of the souls games use the same tricks and this one is no different be willing to learn and accept some jank thats the only way to enjoy it.

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