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It’s a little quiet back there son. son?

It’s a little quiet back there son. son?

It’s a little quiet back there son. son? from funny

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  • Naitakal

    I had this once at work. We were about to get some food for lunch and a colleague was going to drive. Right when I was about to put my foot in the car he drove away with the door still open. 😂

  • JozzaM

    I watched for a lot longer that the then I care at admit, all the while getting sadder that the poor boy was standing there waiting. The video paused after 24 seconds, but I didn’t realize for over 1 minute…

    Hope he gets his trust in humanity back.

  • fistfullofpubes

    I did this to my son once. I pulled up to the car line to pick him up after school. While waiting, a call from work came. I had a major brain fart after the call ended and just left the car line and started driving home. I got about halfway back before he called me from the office and asked me if I was on the crack again.

  • EntertainerNew7628

    How it feels like walking with my stepdad to the store as a kid. Seriously he walks so fast and doesn’t look back to see I’m like a whole block away and can’t keep up😭

  • ConsistentCharge3347

    I’m not even sure how this happens. I never pull away until I know they’ve got their seat belt on.

  • Conspicuous_Plant

    My mom did this to both me and my sister. It was funny in hindsight, but we were all a little traumatized when she started driving away before we could get in the car lol

  • LOHare

    I had an uber almost take off on me in a similar way. It was a dark winter morning, and I needed the uber to get to work. It shows up. I open the back, put my bag in, see there is very little leg room, so decide to sit in front. Close the door, and the car immediately takes off. I had to bang on the trunk to get him to stop.

  • ArjunaIndrastra

    Honestly, perfectly understandable that the kid would just stand there. If I was his age, I would be a bit bewildered as well.

  • Kristine6476

    I did something like this once – went to drop my husband and dog off at the groomers while I ran off to get takeout for dinner. He got out of the car and I promptly drove away with the dog still in the back. He had to chase me down across the parking lot and barely caught up to me before I turned onto the road 😂

  • Zealousideal-Book-45

    That’s why you look or at least hear the seatbelt before goong.
    Assures security and also this can’t happen 😂

  • tangcameo

    My dad did this once. We stopped at a small town cafe halfway home from the city. I went to use the bathroom. I go outside and the cars gone. Five minutes later they pull back up to the cafe. AND this was WITH my sister in the back saying nothing.

  • Apprehensive_Lie9753

    Almost happened to me once. We (2M 16) were hitchhiking and a kind lady pulled over. My mate put his backpack in the trunk and got seated while I was struggling to get my backpack and the tent in her tiny trunk. My mate slams the door, making the lady start her car and drive off. I was running behind, waving my arms, my mate noticed immediatly, fortunately and told her quickly to stop. A story that we’ll never forget!

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