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Israel-Hamas War: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Israel-Hamas War: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Rumbleinthejungle8

    The comedy parts really seem to be lacking for the past year or so. I rewatched a couple of the older episodes and there’s a huge difference. This episode and the previous one in particular barely have any jokes, and the ones they do have are usually very weak.

    Not sure if they just lost some of their good writers or what but it’s noticeable.

  • Justausername1234

    Ok, since Justin Trudeau was mentioned there as not calling for a ceasefire, I feel like it would only be fair to state what the [Canadian Foreign Minister recently said](, which I think perfectly encapsulates the sort of confused policymaking currently existing in many western nations as to what exactly to do about the situation:

    > “You know, we are all in favour of, that one day there will be a ceasefire,” Joly said. “That’s what President Macron said. But what France has said, it’s that currently, we are at the stage of calling for a humanitarian pause, because speaking concretely, we must evacuate Canadians, we have to ensure hostages are freed and we have to make sure more humanitarian aid gets into Gaza.”

    > She said it would also allow a form of “détente and so allow, I hope, even more negotiations at a negotiating table where there are Israelis, Hamas and Qatar which is present … as moderator.”

    > But Canada has never called for a ceasefire, never set out what it considers the proper “conditions” that might lead to one, and has never suggested that it would view Hamas as an equal party at any negotiating table — a position the U.S. expressly rejected this week, arguing it would be a propaganda victory for Hamas and legitimize their terrorist tactics.

    > Joly disagreed that her use of the word ceasefire represented a shift in Canada’s position, saying it is “still the same.”

    > “We always have to work for a ceasefire. That’s why we must ensure that the conditions which will lead to a ceasefire are met,” she said, adding that is “exactly why France, all the G7, Canada are calling for a humanitarian truce.”

    > Joly said that “while we work on this humanitarian truce, we must also be able to work on a two-state solution which is key to having a long-term approach which will eventually be supported by a ceasefire.”

    So the most recent statement from the Canadian Government is we are pro-ceasefire, just not now, but we are pro humanitarian pause now, and we want a detente now so we can work towards a ceasefire, but again, we are not calling for a ceasefire, or defining what “ceasefire” means, we just want a form of humanitarian truce now.

    Basically, it is unclear if the Canadian Government actually knows what exactly it wants.

  • WallabyUpstairs1496

    Focking amazing episode. Kudos to JOliver and his writing team.

    He said a lot of what needs to be said, with really good communication.

    It’s really hard to say anything about this conflict without people being like

    I think John did it in a way that would get less of that. But we’ll see how everyone reacts tomorrow.

  • kidkolumbo

    Someone at a protest I went to made a poster equating Joe Biden to Hitler, and the conversation on the local subreddit was that because that sign was up the whole movement isn’t worth entertaining. Because someone in Chicago, who probably has people in the Middle East, called Joe Biden Hitler, everything going on is excusable. But also, it’s not like we have nothing to do with what’s happening.

    Also saw this dude filming a group of 10 Middle Eastern girls calling them terrorist. I haven’t had my blood boil like this in a really long time, it made me feel ill.

    Netanyahu sounds like Lord Sadler from V for Vendetta, who already feels like a cartoon.

    Tangently, IDK why are we shitting on Dominos I love their new crust and sauce they got it together last decade.

  • slowlolo

    Even with this humane and neutral take on the conflict people will still be advocating for violence. One thing I learned from this conflict is that it does not matter on which side you are when children can’t sleep at night out of fear, they have been left without families, have been hurt or killed AND yet you still want further misery. If “peace” and “ceasefire” are not on top of your mind, when thinking about this crisis, then you are no better than the people that conduct the violence in the first place – you just do not have a riffle or a bomb yet.

    Edit: Thank you for all of the sane people that actually watched the clip and did not use templated replies.

    I am leaving the rest with the quote at the end of the clip (provided by /u/BuddhistSagan):

    >We are in a circle of blood for the last 75 years, and this is just another round. Nobody expected the viciousness and the cruelty of this round, but it was expected. You cannot put 2 million people in a box, close the cover and expect nothing will happen.
    It will not stop unless we talk. You cannot annihilate Hamas, you cannot ignore 6 million people, Palestinians, living here in the Holy Land, and you cannot expect them to go away. They will not go away. We [Jewish people] will not go away. We are doomed to live here together and we have to choose whether to share this land or to share the graveyard under it.

    – Rami Elhanan, an Isaeli who lost his 14 year old daughter to a Hamas suicide bombing

  • theshwa10210

    >I don’t think we would so lightly throw around the term innocent Nazi civilians.

    Except we do. Discussing 1920-1939, and 1939-1945 civilians in Germany and their complicity with and their victimization by the Nazi regime is a huge part of discussions on World War Two. Not to mention discussions about American and British carpet and fire bombing of civilians and whether any of that could be justifiable.

  • GapRisk

    All great points. Now if only the PA had accepted any of various deals for a Palestinian state over the past 75 years then maybe the conclusion that talking will lead somewhere would be believable. Sadly this feels like the cycle will never end. War won’t solve it. Talking won’t solve it.

  • jeanlemotan

    The pain on that pediatrician’s face is heart breaking. And that acronym is so disturbing. I found it so hard to watch her try to keep her composure and not break into tears… devastating☹️☹️☹️

  • InternationalBand494

    Those kids made me tear up. This is the most balanced and sane thing I’ve seen about this crisis, and everyone in the world should watch it. You should share it all over Reddit

  • BallsMahogany_redux

    Hamas has said they will not honor a ceasefire and will repeat the Oct 7th attacks over and over and over again.

    So calling for a ceasefire is literally just calling for Israel to allow themselves to be attacked again.

    Unfortunately the only real solution to this is for Hamas to release the remaining hostages (that are even still alive), and for Hamas to give up power.

    Edit: downvote all you want. It doesn’t change reality.

  • Theinsulated

    It’s amazing the amount of downvotes you can get on Reddit by suggesting that people should not incinerate innocent children.

  • kimanf

    October 7th happened during a ceasefire. Hamas will never surrender, they will keep hiding behind martyrs and killing Jews. They will never accept a 2 state solution. They have never wanted to.

  • Commercial-Leave3005

    Question, after a so called two state solution would they be able to build their own military, control all their borders, control all imports/exports, control all resources, have their own airport?

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