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In light of the Diablo: Immortal pay-to-win fiasco, here’s a commercial Blizzard made just four years ago making fun of pay-to-win games

In light of the Diablo: Immortal pay-to-win fiasco, here’s a commercial Blizzard made just four years ago making fun of pay-to-win games

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  • Malaix

    Blizzard is what I call a zombie company. Its a company where most of the OG talent has bled out over the years and now its a bunch of corporate suits having overworked interns produce quick cash schemes wearing the skins of nostalgic franchise IPs that sell just for being in that franchise.

    Blizzard, Bethesda, and Bioware come to mind. I really don’t have much faith anything these companies will make will be high quality or built in good faith for consumer enjoyment.

  • Flemtality

    Blizzard isn’t the same company it was.

    Keep an eye on Bonfire Studios and Dreamhaven. Second Dinner looks promising if you’re into the card stuff.

  • Paddlesons

    You lost Jeff Kaplan, Mike Morhaime, Ben Brode, and Chris Metzen. You gained Allen ‘Running A Hedgefund’ Adham.

  • HendrixChord12

    I see they’re going with the Samsung marketing strategy. Make fun of something like Apple going with no headphone jack, then do it yourself shortly after.

  • LightsJusticeZ

    Once Blizzard saw reports of how much the mobile market was making, they didn’t hesitate to start development in mobile.

    Edit: By that, I mean in 2018, mobile gaming had more profit than console and PC gaming [combined](

    After seeing that, I’m sure the higher ups at Activision Blizzard took notice and knew they wanted a piece of that pie. It would correlate with the release of Diablo Immortal, taking the time to plan and develop the game after those figures were shown.

  • Bombkirby

    Nintendo did the same thing laughing about making micro transaction games and needing to buy the ability to make Mario jump.

    Now they hav several scummy gacha-style games that effortlessly make them millions via preying in people’s gambling addiction. Pokémon GO just had an event where you pay 15 bucks to play it and there’s a chance you’ll win nothing, and lots of people are complaining about it right now.

    A lot of companies tried to avoid jumping onto this train I guess, but it’s just the most efficient way to make money. Our only hope is there are more Laws to forbid these tactics from existing, since we can’t control impulsive consumers or the developers at all.

  • ballefitte

    Fiasco? Aren’t they making a shitload of money of it?
    Edit: yep it’s the most downloaded app in app store. Gamers are voting for its existence.

  • RU_FKM

    Honest question: What is the fiasco?

    Is there something more than just the fact that there are in-game purchases? Are they mandatory?

  • peroleu

    Blizzard is laughing all the way to the bank. Despite the criticism, this game has probably made them a shit ton of money already.

  • gamingthrowawway2021

    Follow the money, even if it means driving a poor woman to suicide and the rest into poor psychological health in the process. ActiBlizzard deserve nothing but bankruptcy.

  • ripyourlungsdave

    Holy shit this is embarrassing.

    Or at least it would be if Blizzard had an ounce of shame in their corporate body.

  • Kahless01

    all these fuckers crying about pay to win in immortal completely forgot about the real money auction house in diablo 3. that was so poorly received they wrote it out of existence and people forgot all about it.

  • blanketswithsmallpox

    The only people who think long time companies like Blizzard are run by the same creative minds from literally 20 years ago are children or salt of the earth people.

    I mean jesus — when’s the last time you’ve stayed at the same company for that long and had the same creative juices the entire time? There’s a reason why people follow an actual developer vs a studio.

    Toby Fox? Eric Barron. Hideo Kojima. Tetsuya Nomura. Masahiro Sakurai. Yasuhiro Wada. Maddy Thorson.

    Look for real names. Not studios. Hell even how good an episode of your favorite show or anime is likely due to specific producers or artists being brought on to make these things pop. [Yutaka Nakamura?]( Jordan Young. Louis CK.

    You’ll see these names attached to specific episodes and often talked about in some of the more discussion based threads. There’s a reason for it.

  • Overwatch_preachy

    The game is fun, ngl, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played and will give it a few more hours, but ffs the constant reminders that I could be doing this quicker, better, or I can’t have this and that is tedious. You won’t get a penny out of me. I feel bad for the Dev’s cos they’ve made a game that I want to play, even on mobile; but as soon as I hit a progression wall that needs payment, it’s gone.

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