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In light of recent news…

In light of recent news…

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  • g0ldv1per

    I wept like a little baby during the Direct and I’m not even ashamed. I’ve been waiting *twenty-three years.* High school me is so ready. This is my time.

  • Megatics

    Chrono Cross is not really a game I would consider good or even decent in terms of JRPGs. The combat system isn’t that enjoyable and most party members you get are not great in terms of party compositional strength. The narrative is confusing and only interesting if you just want some more lore associated with Chrono Trigger. With the Radical Dreamers version of this game, I’d only be purchasing this for the Radical Dreamers Text Adventure game that comes with it. Its a compelling offer for just the Text Adventure so I’m definitely pulling the trigger for the physical copy.

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