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I wonder why………..

I wonder why………..

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  • q00t

    Does anybody know whether this trainwreck of a game was pushed to release despite major concerns during beta by EA? Or by DICE themselves?

  • Techno_Viking869

    The paid reviews, the microtransactions, twitch and broken games have really fucked up the gaming industry. I won’t say ruined because it’s actually more popular than ever, but it’s not as “romantic” so to speak or artistic.

  • GhostalMedia

    On one hand, people should totally get a refund for buying a broken product. On the other hand, people need to look before they leap.

    Wait to read a review before spending your money something that a multimillion dollar ad campaign swears is great.

  • kylel999

    I don’t feel bad for either party. EA has been shitting on the industry too long and players have been eating it up for just as long. I don’t understand why people can’t wait a few days after a game drops to see how it is before they spend their money.

  • Idlerope82

    If they didn’t refund Anthem. Especially after justifying themselves saying there would be future content releases only to drop support entirely… then you won’t be getting money back for this game either.

  • zmunky

    For me this is my first shit EA purchase so shame on them lol. This game is really bad. I had hi hopes but it is not good at all. The menus like for key bindings is a fucking mess and it’s horribly optimized.

  • Leading-Fig1307

    It shouldn’t get to the point of even demanding a refund. Stop giving them money. Don’t pre-order. Stop impulse buying and believing the initial paid-for reviews. Expect them to fuck you in the ass while reaching into your wallet. They will not change their business practice until you stop giving them the cash. Stop hoping they will magically improve out of the blue. Hype is cancer.

    Lower your expectations so you are pleasantly surprised when things go well and not heart-broken when they don’t.

  • ohsinboi

    This is why you don’t preorder. Time and time again has proven it but people just love shelling out the money to the big companies that don’t give a shit.

  • getyourcheftogether

    This should be a $60-70 lesson learned. Getting refunded should be something to fall back on. If a publisher doesn’t come through and wants to be the good guy or save face, then that’s good for them, but now you’ve set precedent

  • Csub

    While I do not condone the state of which the game was released, people did have betas to try. Close to launch. And they did and saw the state of the game and many just thought “ye this sucks but I’ll still preorder it” instead if waiting till launch and see if they fixed it and then they just look at it with a surprised Pikachu face.

    That’s just dumb especially since they could play it and if not, they could see the state of the game in a million vids on YouTube

  • Krunchy_Almond

    Sry to break it to you. You ain’t getting any refund, ea doesn’t give a shiit. Theyll just make up some shut saying they plan on supporting the game for next 100 years so your 100 bucks is worth it.

  • Shredda_Cheese

    Doesn’t matter if it’s right or not. It’s not going to happen. There are middlemen involved for all systems who deal with the sale of the game and get a portion of that sale. Any refund has to fall within the middleman’s refund policy…EA is scum. Stop buying their products as preorder or even the first week or two from launch. Wait for user reviews not just YouTube reviewers

  • sportasaurus

    Please let this happen I bought it day 1, played it for two matches was so disappointed I uninstalled it and I’ve honestly forgotten about it now but I would love to get my cash back

  • Ethario

    What do you mean they deserved a refund ? The beta was a literal disaster and the gameplay trailers looked damn awful and you guys decided to buy it anyway.

  • theClutchologist

    I bought a xbox S thinking I had 14 days to exchange it and upgrade. You do. Unless you shop at gamestop. Which I’ll never do again after 20 years of being a customer they told me “you used it for 1 week” and I said “ok but you and everyone didn’t have the better one and dick and balls doesn’t run Halo so… and they said well we offer a 135$ cash.

    Haha umm no.

  • JackStillAlive

    Nah, bullshit. Every had the opportunity to see exactly how the game is before release, and they still had 2 weeks to refund after release.

    Those who still pre-ordered it and played it past the refund policy deserve what they got.

  • MasterAce16

    If we want better games then, then we need to stop buying the bad ones.

    If we want to stop buying the bad ones, we need to better identify which ones are bad.

    You can’t identify a bad game by purchasing it before its released, its that simple.

  • rmatherson

    To everyone saying the gamers deserve it:

    Sure, you can say that, but you shouldn’t need an entire federated trust system just to not get taken advantage of.

    You don’t go out to a new restaurant and watch everyone eat and then digest their food, verifying no one gets sick. You just trust that laws and common decency means you get a decent plate of fucking food for $60 at a place that used to serve 5 star meals no less.

    I agree with your point that people shouldn’t pre order everything, but I also think it should be illegal to flat out trick people into doing business with you.

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