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I think I’m gonna pass out

I think I’m gonna pass out

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  • mxcnslr2021

    What do you mean upside down? Like hanging? Like a bat? Why tho? Well because I want to know what the fuck I gotta hang upside down and shit. Is Eminem or Dre gonna be hanging upside down? Well then why do I have to? It’ll look cool? How is me upside down gonna be cool? No, I’m legit asking how? You’re fired, I’m not doing that stupid shit…………..*40 minutes later while hanging upside down waiting to start his portion of the halftime show* Man, fuck my life. – 50 cent probably

  • Antmon666

    I didn’t watch the half time show, just the game because I’m in another country.

    what is the meme about 50 cent upside-down?

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