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I still remember playing this for the first time. Blizzards glory days are long gone.

I still remember playing this for the first time. Blizzards glory days are long gone.

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  • angstt

    You know Diablo 2 Resurrected just started it’s 3rd Ladder Season, right? With updated QoL and balance changes this game is going strong.

  • pighammerduck

    I remember games having just as many problems when I was a kid (39) problem is that there were just a lot less of them so patience was a virtue. You had like maybe 3 big releases in a good year? I might be over-estimating. That’s the problem with nostalgia chasing, your brain writes over the shitty parts.

  • Eagle_Sudden

    While I don’t think Diablo 3 was better than two, it was still crazy fun. I patient gamed it hard though…Several years later. I do think it zero’s in way too hard on the “sport” side of it, vs the single player experience. Which Diablo 2 did way better. Even online Diablo 2 was better

  • Dr4zhar

    I remember when I got Diablo 2 remastered. I felt like a thrilled kid (I was 30) and thought I could have started crying for nostalgia at seeing this screen. This game has filled big chunks of my youth and it’s related to some of the happiest memories I have.

    I should have understood what the experience would have been like when I saw this screen and I actually didn’t feel the slightest whiff of excitement. I actually felt bored, empty, cold, and like something wasn’t right.

  • Nisagent

    As a long time original D2 player, D2R feels the same, with better graphics. While D3 offers a deferent feel than D2 did but enjoyable the same, I have played just about every season since 3, at 28 seasons(current) there is a lot of enjoyment I have got out if it. And after participating in the Diablo 4 beta, I feel that Blizzard has a lot still going on and the future looks bright.

  • phantomjm

    OP posts an image from a ***recent*** Blizzard release, claiming it’s from Blizzard’s “glory days”, lamenting how Blizzard’s glory days are long gone. Meanwhile, I’m currently playing the game pictured in OP’s post and having a good time playing a great modern remake of a game from Blizzard’s “glory days”. Now that’s shitposting.

  • JJ4prez

    D2R is amazing. Played D2 since release, for 20+ years. I’m very happy with D2R and most of the changes implemented post release. On

    D2R when released, it was one of the few moments in my long gaming career when I was emotional playing and starting a new character over. It had a very similar emotional feel the first time I played Oblivion and came out of the sewers.

    VV also did the THPS 1 2 remakes, another absolute banger of a remake.

  • Sariefko

    >Blizzard glory days are gone

    >shows screenshot from d2 remastered

    > release date: 2021




    ps: yes, Blizzard is gone, it was gone for 10 years. People that made Blizzard golden quit, all that’s left is in bobbys hands. Worst part? People continue to buy blizzards goods and pay exactly for this scenario. Go preorder stormgate – it’s made by former blizzard rts devs, if I recall correctly. Put your money where your mouth is.

  • daboijohnralph

    Down vote me all you like but this sub should implement a rule where you have to post the game name in the title.

  • frickafreshhh

    I’m still playing this, currently ranked #1200 this ladder. Found me a griffons, crown of ages, windforce, and a Ber rune!

  • mombawamba

    Blizzards glory days are long gone…

    But you share a remaster screenshot and not an OG one?

    Looks to me like you bought this from them recently??

  • osckr

    Don’t think so. Some kid will see this screen for first time and will have a blast playing the game like I did 20+ years ago.

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