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I had no idea I would love Guardians of the Galaxy so much, and I had no idea I would find my spirit animal in the process.

I had no idea I would love Guardians of the Galaxy so much, and I had no idea I would find my spirit animal in the process.

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  • blacknwhitemagpie24

    Ikr that game caught me off guard too, it was surprisingly exciting especially the singing to help move the llama around, stuff was hilarious 😂

  • Nakatomi2010

    The Guardians of the Galaxy game is so underrated to me, and it seems like it’s flying so under the radar, that there’s no real blip for it.

    *To an extent* it felt like being “in a movie”. The cast was varied, the conversations often had meaning, and the emotional weight of scenes throughout were just solid.

    You learn abut all the characters, their ups, their downs, what keeps them together, what takes them apart, etc.

    The combat mechanics may have been repetitive at times, but by the end of the game, you’re not really caring about the gameplay mechanics as you are for the story, and the comradery banter between the work mates you’ve made along the way.

    A sequel will be a tough nut to crack given a lot of what they covered in this one can’t be covered again.

  • Reyjr

    Just finished it like 2 weeks ago, I feel the same way. So underrated funny, fun detailed. Mad at myself for waiting so long

  • baitboy3191

    Its been a while since I have enjoyed a good single player game. Not only did I get to enjoy this game so much I also got it when it was on sale. The characters were great and enjoyed the story.

    The combat was super enjoyable to, always enjoyed the combo’s you with everyone’s different abilities.

  • SuperEnthusiastic

    Such an underrated game.

    The combat is OK and it is a little too long but the story and characters is really where it shines.

  • Mz_Pink

    Cracking game, one of the few that my OH and I both played through completely (we mostly don’t have the same taste in games).

    It is obligatory to pet the space llama as often as possible.

  • Ok-Debt7712

    Better than the movies IMO. I watched movie 2 while playing this game and didn’t enjoy how they represented the characters as much as the way they were portrayed in the game.

    And this game made me feel like I was playing through Mass Effect all over again. Definitely my favorite release of the year.

  • Girly_Shrieks

    I just couldn’t. The character design screamed edgy 14 year old and the combat was boring. I made it off the ship that captures you after the first section and promptly deleted it.

  • StarryGirl69

    This is such a good game! The combat is a little repetitive but that’s my only complaint about this game it’s so wonderful (:

  • IHadFunOnce

    Just finished it over the weekend. It was the first game that I played all the way through with my kids being present for the entire campaign. It made me really well up with emotion to have that experience with all 4 of them sitting around me enjoying it with me, and then the story beats near the end that get really emotional (no spoilers) really made it a time I’ll never forget.

    Great game, hope we get more.

  • GrapeRingPop

    Really liked the style, character writing and voice dialog, and some other elements of this game. It’s a solid single player romp, but not one I would necessarily play again and again. Combat gets repetitive unfortunately which could’ve been remedied by allowing you to switch to other characters, but you’re locked as Star Lord. That’s honestly my biggest gripe with the game (other than the “choices” you make don’t really affect much) – it should be called Star-Lord featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • MrSpindles

    Strong Booga the token kangaroo vibes. Taking a break from driving across the wastelands with the bottle fed bastard daughter of the revolution.

  • AlibiYouAMockingbird

    What’s the average age of everyone enjoying this game I wonder. I love The Guardians of the Galaxy movies and games but this one just felt really dated. The combat mechanics felt like they’d be innovative on a PS2 game and I’m still trying to get use to the voice actors. I’ll have to give it another shot because everyone praises this title.

  • Moonflowerer

    Was able to play it for “free” on the Xbox game pass. This allowed me to not enjoy the combat, but not be mad about it. Fantastic story and graphically stunning in some zones. This ended up being my favorite version of Star Lord which surprised me. Definitely worth it if you can get it on sale.

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