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I finally got around to playing the new Tomb Raider trilogy after years of dismissing them as “QTE/movie games”. I marathoned all three back to back in a few days. It’s such an amazing trilogy.

I finally got around to playing the new Tomb Raider trilogy after years of dismissing them as “QTE/movie games”. I marathoned all three back to back in a few days. It’s such an amazing trilogy.

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  • Chief_Chjuazwa

    Which of the three did you like the most? I recently went through and replayed them all and the second one is still my favorite one, endurance mode is still loads of fun.

  • BigBadCheadleBorgs

    Nah you want a QTE/movie game with inconsequential combat that will ruin your childhood? Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is the “game” (I use that term lightly) for you.

  • spacecat-on-mars

    I liked the new trilogy, The first one was great. Rise was okay but didn’t intrigue me as much as the first? and I actually really liked Shadow and the puzzles felt more attune to the original games.

    I’m in the process of replaying the series myself. I have the new ones down, Anniversary, Angel of Darkness and now I’m on to Legend and Underworld – the BEST of the series imo

  • -Ensanguined-

    One of the worst games ever made and a disgrace to Lara. New Lara isn’t even worthy of the name Croft. Series died in 2008.

  • TanookiPhoenix

    These games are definitely in my top 5 as far as connecting to a character and overall atmosphere go.


    In the single player story driven category they definitely have a fond place in my heart.

  • romadv

    I loved the 1st one and I think it’s one of the best games of that decade. I find 2nd one’s interface confusing, the whole thing with the cards is ridiculous and, c’mon. A brit aristocrat burning soviet flags in Russia? They made Lara Croft a tory and my heart is now broken. Still trying to get over this.

  • theRavenAttack

    This was such a great reboot. Each game continues to build on the next pretty well I’m terms of gameplay and more cool tombs to explore. I think I like the second the most but they all are quite enjoyable.

  • Punchmeister

    Eeeeh… Not really.

    I found these games just tedious. Haven’t played the third one, probably never will. The first one was just a set piece after a set piece, trying to characterize a poorly written character. I mean, the game play never reflects what Lara says or does in the cut scenes. “Oh no, I can’t kill this animal or this person”, then proceeds to murder a million people. At least her motivation for doing so is somewhat clear with trying to save her friend. Unlike in the second game, where she proceeds just because she’s an entitled rich person, who thinks her sketchy family legacy is worth more than everything else.

    I really wish there was an option in these games to totally bypass the generic combat with some clever stealth game play, but shooting people in the head and brutally carving them up with your pick axe is what an adventure does nowadays, I guess. Even if it doesn’t seem to fit them at all. Then the puzzles were too few and really easy and uninspired. I seemed to recall Lara constantly voicing out the solution, which kills any possible enjoyment, even if you figured out what to do before she said it. And all that unnecessary crafting, bleh.

    Yeah, these games are not for me. Too bad they seemed to be successful, because it means we get more of the same instead of something better.

  • lmnjello

    I loved the first two. I had Tomb Raider on PC and Rise of on 360. They’re both some of my favorite games I played in the last five years. I just got Shadow for free on Epic a couple weeks ago but I haven’t played it yet.

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