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Hyde goes to jail

Hyde goes to jail

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  • manlypanda

    I used to love this show. I’ll revisit occasionally bc it holds up — the characters are stellar and it’s so well-written. But in this clip, when the camera panned to Masterson’s face, I cringed. I’ve been following the trial (via Aaron Smith Levin) and his Scientology connections, and he seems like a horrible person. Sucks that one person can taint an entire amazing creation.

    Bet all the ’70s crew and cast are pissed at this odious plankton dried-up splooj-sock, as he’s put a dent in everyone’s re-run based income.

  • Total-Satisfaction-8

    Now i haven’t followed this at all but im curious how they proved him being guilty of this, what evidence was presented to rule in favor of these women?

    20 years is a long time waiting to press charges and unless these rapes wheren’t property documented a short time after the incidents with i don’t know, photos of injuries and spermsamples and whatever, how is it not word against word?

    I mean, 25-30 years is a long time to place someone in prison on just accusations, now there might be solid evidence i have no idea, but it makes me wonder, how come they waited 20 years to report these crimes?

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