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How Prehistoric Planet created scientifically accurate dinosaurs

How Prehistoric Planet created scientifically accurate dinosaurs

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  • Uncle_JuneBug

    No suprise considering they consulted the majority of the paleontologists and paleoartists in the field. Dinosaurs that look like actual animals with fat and muscle, unlike JW that still shamelessly uses the shrink-wrapped T-Rex and featherless, oversized raptors for entertainment’s sake.

    Easily the most accurate depictions of the animals featured and some of my personal new favorite interpretations for them, both aesthetically and behaviorally.

  • albinobluesheep

    “scientifically accurate” to a point. There are also points where they took things that are **pretty loose** theory right now (see: the Expanding air sacks in the necks of the Long Necks at one point, 1:50 in this video) and presented them with out comment.

    I’m not sure about other stuff, that was just one moment I made a point to look up, and found it’s not based in all that much right now.

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