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How ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Pulled Off Its Kung Fu Fight Scenes

How ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Pulled Off Its Kung Fu Fight Scenes

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  • Vince_Vice

    Was a fine movie, but their first was better.

    “Swiss army man” was an original, this would have been had it predated rick & morty.

    Edit: *it

    Edit2: before i repeat this more in the comment heres a summary of my reasoning:

    Its not about the multiverse stuff and I love well-placed randomness, dildo and genital jokes, thats great.
    But I feel the central topics of R&M reappeared:

    >!Like the most powerful figure is lost in nihilistic humour and glimpses of purpose can only be found in love of the family even though that has no objective (but subjective) importance in a multiverse where everything is possible.
    Jobu Tupaki / Joy and Rick are quite similar in this regard.!<

    >!Evelyn seems to be a mixture of Beth and Rick with a slight narcism and the regret of not havin lived up to ones own potential, but eventually realizing the worth her own family gives her.!<

    >!Waymond and Jerrys similarity seems rather obvious, I think?!<

  • ChuckACheesecake

    Huh. I knew the fight scenes were different somehow but couldn’t quite explain why. Great movie overall and probably the most creative I’ve seen

  • Asleep-Ad5260

    I watched this today and fucking loved it. My friends wanted out half way through – something’s seriously wrong with them

  • eivind2610

    Didn’t watch the clip all the way through, as I have yet to see the movie – but what they mention in the opening, comparing the number of camera cuts between this and a typical Western action movie, is actually very typical for Asian action- and martial arts movies; you’ll see it in a lot of Jackie Chan’s films, for example. It’s something you won’t necessarily notice unless you’re looking for it, but once you do see it, it makes the flow of the martial arts sequence so much better. It means you can actually see what each performer is doing, rather than relying on camera work to make unimpressive scenes look impressive.

  • saiofrelief

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I was actually kind of disappointed by most of the action in the movie. Never had that “wow” moment I was expecting when I saw Michelle Yeoh was the star.

  • shadowst17

    The absolute commitment the Lee brothers had to have those butt plugs physically inserted. True commitment to art right there.

  • funguy202

    I just came back from doing a few ayahuasca ceremonies and the things I saw in this movie reminded me of my trip…. really freaky

  • renxifromhell11

    I just watched this yesterday and it was a masterpiece. Loved almost everything about it, except the dildos lmao. I loved this plot and story, and the acting was phenomenal. I definitely recommend it, but I don’t think it’s for everyone.

  • BrocoliAssassin

    I had basically the same idea a decade+ ago. I told my psychiatrist about it and he told me it was a crazy non-sensical story due to my psychedelic usage.

    I’m sure a ton of others have had the same said to them and dismissed as woo-woo.

  • ImTheGuyWithTheGun

    The fight scenes are pretty mediocre – played more for comedy (e.g. the fanny pack fight). The movie overall is very good though

  • DLoIsHere

    Does anyone else wish Jamie Lee Curtis had not been cast? She’s fine but I think someone else could have made that character much stronger/more interesting. Also, because it was her, every time I saw her it took me out of the story a little bit. “Oh, there’s Jamie Lee Curtis,” was my reaction every time. Otherwise, what an incredible entertainment experience.

  • DBones90

    Ke Huy Quan mentioned in another interview that this was one of the first days on set, and he was super nervous about doing it. After all, he hadn’t been an actor since he was a kid.

    So it didn’t help that, in the first take with the Fanny pack kick, he completely flubbed it.

    But then after he nailed it on the second take, he felt a huge sigh of relief.

  • Redneckshinobi

    I loved this movie sooooo much! Swiss Army Man is one of my favourite movies, now this one is right there with it. Such a silly premise that can transcend the silly story to tell an actual deep meaningful story is just brilliant.

  • Ruraraid

    I really love how they point out hollywood’s obsession with jump cuts. Its a shit way to hide how bad your film’s main actor is athletically. Its also something I really fucking hate because the action becomes nearly impossible to follow once the jump cuts come faster than the RoF on a machine gun.

  • Nixpix66

    I had the best time watching this movie. It’s funny, action packed, interesting, and emotional! I cried for the last like 30 minutes straight. There was a point where I was like, “why am I crying at this!?!”

    It’s a great flick, and has amazing energy – I’ve never seen anything like it.

    If you haven’t seen this movie, just go see it.

  • MarkHAZE86

    I met Ke Huy Quan a few years ago at a convention and he was really nice. I never expected him to do so many Kung Fu moves in this movie. I didn’t even expect to see him in such a big role. Everyone in the movie was great.

  • ClayWheelGirl

    a bunch of us, multigenerational went to watch this film. we’d been waiting for it. i came out thunderstruck n crying. then we gathered ourselves n talked. went back to see it again to understand better. still more questions. saw it again. next time i’ll watch it just for the pleasure of it

  • bamfalamfa

    if this movie came out like 20 years ago it would have been a massive blockbuster hit. now its just a good movie in a sea of decent movies going up against juggernaut superhero movies. people who say streaming didnt kill movies are delusional. the only movies that are worth watching are the big blockbuster films because those have no longer become just movies, they have become events

  • TheTarasenkshow

    I thought this movie was good but I personally didn’t like it at all. The humour didn’t hit for me whatsoever ever.

  • JustifytheMean

    The secret is usually to hire people that can fight if you want a fight scene that looks like people actually fighting.

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