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How awesome would a game like this be?

How awesome would a game like this be?

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  • UltraHighFives

    In like 50 years maybe lol, sounds like it would melt any modern computer. Although an open world racer taking place across all of earth would probably be one of the greatest games ever made.

  • stu54

    See Project Gotham Racing. My favorite racing game franchise of all time. I wonder if I can get PGR2 emulation working, that would be great.

  • stachldrat

    Been saying for years, look at how detailed Google Maps has become, even in bird’s eye perspective. Someone should make an open-source globe like that for developers to turn into assets for their games.

  • TBTabby

    And none of the cars are preorder exclusives, so you can complete your car collection without a problem. (Yes, I’m still bitter.)

  • XPisthebest

    Microsoft probably can turn MS flight simulator into something like “World Simulator” if they wanted to. They can take Bing maps data or google maps street view data and convert it into a real game city with interactive terrain, roads, cars, people etc. Imagine every single city on earth being playable and the whole game basically works like a map of the real world that is fully playable. They can also let the community upload 3d models of shops and other public places to advertise their businesses to make money off it.

    It’d basically be a “digital twin” of earth as Nvidia calls it. It’d also become a metaverse just because of its nature.

  • TheUmgawa

    One thing that I’d like is realistic traffic. Like, “Okay, so you’ve gotta race from Wrigley Field to whatever they call Comiskey these days.” And then you think, “Oh, this street on the map looks clear enough!” but it’s a two-lane road with cars parked on both sides, so it’s really only a lane and a half, meaning that you’re at the mercy of oncoming traffic as well as anyone who might just be driving in front of you. And then anybody who decides to take Lower Wacker Drive is in for a surprise, because their first thought is going to be, “Oh my god, I’m driving in the sewer.”

    And that’s not even getting started on realistically modeling for weather, because driving in a Midwest winter is a *treat*.

  • millwaterj

    This would be amazing but Flight Sim gets away with it because you’re miles off the ground so the data available is sufficient to sell the illusion.

    Using the same tech for racing would have some blurry old guy with 3 sets of legs teleporting down the street as you drive past.

  • Conscious-Golf-5380

    I’ve been asking for this for awhile now. Just to be able to cruise around in VR down the highway at night or back roads during the day and drink beer and drive without the risk. Put on your favorite playlist and just cruise. Unfortunately all we have is VR racing. I don’t want to race. Plus it would be cool to drive down old roads you grew up around but no longer have the ability to revisit in real life because you moved away.

  • jplayzgamezevrnonsub

    Ok so this could technically, and I say technically with about five hundred asterisks after the word, be modded into FH5. I doubt it will EVER happen though, that’d be ridiculously difficult to implement even somewhat well.

  • LongSticky

    You can make small sections of towns cities & real world roads from maps data in assetto corsa. If you go too large an area the car starts to shake around due to the games engine limitations. People have made LA canyon roads & tokyos freeway system for the game currently for example. Combine VR, some weather and AI traffic mods and you’re onto a good experience.

  • photoguy423

    Yes, because what I want in a racing game is to be reminded of driving the roads I drive daily. Or worse, the roads I was parked on in traffic in cities like Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, or Los Angeles.

  • handsome_vulpine

    Test Drive Unlimited 2 is probably the closest we have so far. That’s set in the islands of Ibiza and Oahu, mapped to their real world counterparts based on satellite imagery. There’s a few tweaks here and there to improve gameplay, but it’s pretty much them.

  • folatti

    Try Driver San Francisco (also Driver Parallel Lines but that one is closer to a GTA kind of game)

    that game it’s amazing it’s basically the crew but good

  • Baron-Harkonnen

    So the real world mapping technology is made by taking LADAR scans from the air. Therefore, the real-world maps look pretty good from the air while you are moving really really fast. Not so much from the ground.


    I’m sure technology will get there, but for now it would require a lot of manual labor to clean it up enough to look nice.

  • Bowdirt

    I’ve been saying this for years that they need to make a racing game where you can go anywhere you want in the world like your hometown.

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