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Hospital Greed Is Destroying Our Nurses. Here’s Why. | NYT Opinion

Hospital Greed Is Destroying Our Nurses. Here’s Why. | NYT Opinion

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  • knewtherapy2020

    Good thing this garbage is opinion.

    Edit: AS COVID CONTINUES TO SURGE FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER THE DOWNVOTES FOR TRUTH WILL EXIST. Come on man. Hospital greed is the reason covid makes $$$

  • UseYourWords

    According to aha.org, only about 1 in 5 hospitals are for-profit. Greed is obviously a problem, but it seems weird to me to single out hospitals.

    Anecdotally, I think people would be surprised how many physician practices received PPP loans and other government handouts they didn’t need.

  • WebMaka

    American healthcare is performing and operating exactly as it was designed and intended. It’s working, it’s working well, and it’s working properly.

    *The American healthcare system was never designed for its patients.*

    It is *critically important* to realize this whenever one discusses the state of health and medical care in the US. The first step has to be to shift the focus from making money to making people feel better. And GLWT in any practical/realistic sense given how much money the healthcare industry in the US turns each year.

  • griffiorhs

    Nurse here. I’m going to ask a simple question. Do you feel like you would be getting the care you needed if I had 9 other ill patients, all requiring large amounts of of time and energy before I even get to you?

    This is the reality at most hospitals, if not all, hospitals in America.

  • n00bvin

    I’ve been seriously ill over the last 10 years. I’ve been in the hospital probably 15 times. Nurses are amazing and I RAGE when I hear about people mistreating nurses. Whether it’s the hospital abusing them with the way they’re treated, or understaffed, or fucking PEOPLE who are abusing them. People yelling at nurses over COVID sends me to a whole new stratosphere.

    I don’t know why anyone would enter that field. The money is great, but goddamn.

  • Bekabam

    Another part of this is travel nursing. No, not the fun Instagram accounts, but the situations where someone quits then gets re-hired at the same hospital as a contractor.

    The hospital can pay them more, because in the end it’s still a decrease to their payroll due to lack of benefits. The nurse seems it as a benefit up front because of the higher pay, but the lack of benefits is an unknown burden just as the increase in taxes.

    It’s another big issue that’s been ramped up by the pandemic.

  • strugglz

    I dated a nurse about a decade ago, and it was mind boggling to me then that hospitals expected nurses to also provide what amounts to concierge service to patients. They’re nurses god damnit, not waitresses. I can’t imagine what kinds of bullshit they have to do by now. AND THAT’S OUTSIDE OF A PANDEMIC.

  • h0twired

    The very idea of the term “hospital industry” baffles this Canadian.

    I know our system isn’t perfect, but at least it’s in the hands of the voter who recognizes they will one day rely on it.

  • CornShucking101

    I was in the hospital last year and was sitting by while my dad underwent a minor procedure. In the room were several nurses chatting while half worked and half watched for educational purposes, and the majority of them mentioned that they had been attacked by at least one of their patients.

  • soulstonedomg

    My wife just came home from her hospital nurse job and said administration called a meeting for nurses to address retention issues. They basically just begged people not to quit and said that contract travel nursing will have its gravy train derailed in the near future and the covid surge will pass.

    People asked what they would be actively doing to help with retention and they had nothing.

  • ThisisMalta

    ICU nurse of ten years here. Everything about this is true. And we were saying it before things got worse with the pandemic. Hospitals and lobbyists have done a great job limiting nursing unions and keeping any legislature like that of CA’s from passing. They know it would mean hiring AND staffing more nurses and ancillary staff to take care of patients. They consistently come up with bs arguments against what is evidence based and moral.

  • DNCDeathCamp

    So let me get this strait, healthcare is more expensive than other services because of greed? Why wouldn’t all services be more expensive? What makes healthcare any different than any other service?

    Oh right, the massive amounts of regulation and government mismanagement regarding healthcare and insurance. This sham of a fake news video falls apart with just basic logic. Greed?? Really?

  • Vessix

    “any other job would be like ‘what are you talking about!?'”

    I always get sad when people ignore the hardships of people in rehabilitative or similar services that are not nurses. I used to work at a residential facility a steps down from the juvenile justice system that exists to keep kids from being required to go to a veritable prison while under 18. But those kids can be dickheads and cause everything from concussions and internal bleeding to trying to stab pregnant women with pencils due to mental instability. And those places don’t have security to deal with people like nurses, since they are usually therapeutic in nature and staff themselves have to handle aggression with therapeutic holds, possibly getting in trouble if the accidentally hurt a kid while protecting themselves from serious injury. Burnout/turnover is worse than in nursing fields. This isn’t a knock on nursing as much as another indicator of helping fields getting literally the worst supports.

  • wastewalker

    Refuse service. Let them die on the street. Human life isn’t that precious folks. 7.9 billion people, let’s say…33% I could wipe my ass with. I’m talking about straight up assholes. Fuck them.

  • Doughnuts

    If I might be so bold, I would like to draw a parallel, with how Teachers are treated in this Country. I lived with a Teacher for a time, and I remember many Friday nights listening to how stretched they were, not being able to give each child the right about of attention so that they learn the lesson of the day. Teachers are expected to guide these young minds, help them grow, and do it with more and more kids at one time because it’s not in the budget to hire another Teacher. I honestly believe that if you get a Nurse and a Teacher together and talking about staffing, they would find comradery in their struggles. It looks like both industries really need common sense laws to help reset expectations to a reasonable level.

  • GoMilkTheCowsBro

    ER nurse here, just wanted to encourage anyone who hasn’t, to watch some of the mini docs that the NYT have produced the last few years regarding our healthcare system. They have 100% been the best advocates for nurses throughout this pandemic. No other organization has produced a better actual depiction from the healthcare workers perspective than they have been able to.

  • LetMeBeWhiteNextLif9

    For some reason, Reddit likes to only blame insurance companies, but that’s really not entirely the case. The bulk of the bubbles all go to providers such as hospitals, drug manufacturers, and PBMs. Sure, for-profit insurance take some of the money, but their profit margin is *heavily* controlled by **law** so that they cannot charge too much higher than what they are paying the providers (hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, etc.).

    The REAL issue is the *presence itself* of several different payers (insurance companies, health plans, for-profit AND non-profit; Medicare and Medicaid), rather than their actual business practices. Not to mention the administrative costs of that stems from having so many payers (claims, data etc.), unlike in other countries, providers in the US, such as clinics, physician groups and hospitals, have *way* too much leverage in the US when it comes to the payment that they receive. Don’t like the payment rate that the insurance company A proposed to be in network? Simply refuse and go with the insurance company B. You’re a dentist and don’t like the Medicaid paid rates? Simply don’t accept Medicaid patients.

    So, because hospitals and other providers have too much leverage, the healthcare costs keeps rising too fast, way above the CPI inflation. That cost gets passed on to consumers, which results in high premium but shitty cost sharing and shady claim denials because the payers are trying to save costs.

    The whole system is fucked and as someone who’s working in the US healthcare industry and having spent the early life in a country with a single payer system, I’m an adamant believer in a single payer system.

  • Impetusin

    We need to overhaul the health care system starting with a national professional medical core of nurses. Other countries have them and it works.

  • AnimeExpoGuy

    Hospitals: “Here’s a bandaid, that’ll be $600.”

    Also Hospitals: “Sorry, we don’t have the budget to keep you alive”

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