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Halo fanbase in nutshell

Halo fanbase in nutshell

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  • cardgameonmotorcycls

    As a guy who never played Halo until I binge played the entire Halo MCC, it’s interesting to see the perspective of someone who grew up playing Halo. It goes to show how nostalgia can affect a opinion about a game.

    For me Halo 2, Reach and Odst were the mediocre ones meanwhile 1, 3 and 4 were my favorites IMO.

  • Need_More_Minerals

    I get the joke behind this and the fan base gripes along the way, but I will say this:

    I remember Halo 2 being amazing out of the box on opening day. Halo 2 can be thanked for basically starting the competitive scene you see today in console gaming. (Obviously Counter Strike had huge impacts on the PC side of things)

    No halo ever hit like H2 did, I have played all the Halo’s and nothing came close to H2. I wish we could get a game like that again.

    That being said, I have liked all the halo’s, I just wish we could get the quality and competitive balance that H2 had.

    Good post, it gave me a good laugh! 🙂

  • Penis_Man-

    Been a halo fan since 2010 and I gotta say, I just don’t really like Reach and after. I’m not the biggest fan of CE either. For me, the best games were 2, 3, and 3 ODST.

  • Logondo

    Uh, almost everyone loved Halo 2 and 3 when they launched. They were literally some of the biggest media-launches at the time.

    Hell, Reach was super popular, too.

  • AlsendDrake

    I’ve always felt Reach was the last “true” Halo, at least personally. Going from 4 onwards it just started feeling like “CoD in Space” to me, and… Well, other than messing around with the bots mode in Black Ops (particularly in split screen) I don’t like CoD.

  • samurai1226

    H2 had a big outcry in the fan base for lot of stuff, but H3 and Reach never were hated that much and received pretty well. Some people didn’t like bloom but overall addtions like the highly customizable Firefight, customization, xp ranks, recommendations, new modes like Invasion and the really improved Forge were acceptabled really well.

    343is titles always took one step forwards but at least two back, cutting content in favor of pushing their own ideas nobody asked for. Infinity Slayer with load outs was just dumb, H5 lacked huge amount of fan beloved content at launch.

  • Complete_Entry

    I don’t recall this. I do recall people losing their shit over Halo 2 launch.

    I just wish they would have slapped an ending on it. I know they didn’t do DLC for Xbox titles, but having John go from Keyship to Orbital drop would be a hell of a mini-campaign.

    Even if he just killed 50 Jiralhanae hand to hand with a knife and then truth sneered and said “No Ticket”, while booting him out an airlock, I’d be happy.

  • Techno_Viking869

    Not me I have been and always will be a halo 2 homer… Since day one it was the best and always will be. It was gaming perfection. I loved halo 3, and 1. Reach and 4 were good, but 2 will always be God and I knew it day 1.

  • ndcasmera

    Not rlly. Mp and campaign started to be shit after halo was bought by the other company. And rn, it aint even halo halo any more its just cid in a different skin. Thise fkers.

  • AL3000

    No. Halo 2 has always been the best, halo 3 was a let down and reach was pretty cool. Halo 4 and 5 were weak af, didn’t even finish either if them.

  • TheJester1xx

    I have seen a near-identical variation of this image for just about every game franchise every made, and I don’t know if it has ever been accurate. The people who really love a game will usually keep praising it and those who hated it will eventually just move on (or at least ease off), giving the false impression that the overall consensus changed.

    Obviously it does actually change sometimes, but not as common as these posts would imply.

  • Bluebat55

    If you think this is at all accurate you’re brain must be smoother then a koalas. No one has ever realistically said “fuck this game. The multiplayer is broken and the campaign is shit” to Reach or Halo 3. Both games were really well received out the gate and are both still regarded as the better times in the franchise.

  • Just_Another_Madman

    1-3 are the best of the series, beloved on launch and venerated to this day. Never heard a complaint beyond servers being down for multiplayer or the disk being too scratched to keep playing the person’s favorite level of the campaign.

    The others? I can’t remember anyone I know praising the others on release outside of graphical improvements over the generations. I’ve only heard negative things, and disappointment in how the series has become more of a cashgrab than trying to preserve anything of its old prestige.

  • ejrasmussen

    This is such a stupid take. Like how can you defend a halo game coming out without coop. That ALONE should have made this game a 6/10 max, and yet it’s missing even more features like forge.

    I despise the modern trend of reviewing games based on what they are, instead of what they should be. Imagine reviewing the new Subaru Forester and saying it’s a 10/10 despite lacking a steering wheel, and airbags.

    It’s embarrassing that Halo 3, a game that came out some 15 years ago, had more features at launch than infinite does now. 343 is a joke lmao.

  • RB1O1

    1, 2, 3, and reach were all good for me.

    4, 5, and infinite are trash, and always will be.

    This meme fails to take into account the change of playbase over times, where newer games made older fans drop the series, and newer fans joining have had their first experience with what older fans consider a inferior product.

  • Clyde_Frog_FTW

    I was a senior in high school when halo 3 came out. Literally no other game ever could make all the guys in my school pretend to use in game items like the bubble shield in the hallway. Even a few years into college, all we were doing was playing Halo 3 because we got bored with modern warfare 2 so fast. (MW2 also slapped fwiw).

  • riKidna

    Whoever made this is an idiot and unaware of the player base’s feelings for each of the games.

    Halo 3 was always the GOAT and never thought of as otherwise.

  • WarCrimeKirby

    Halo 1, 2 and 3 were pretty universally loved and the opinion on Reach hasn’t really changed all that much. People still love the campaign, forge and custom games will complaining about the annoying reticle bloom, it’s only the 343 games that have had this problem

  • SMF1996

    Never heard anyone complain about 3 or even Reach when it came out. The moment it swapped to 343 from Bungie is when I heard the brigades.

  • iMpact980

    I played Halo 2 and Halo 3 religiously growing up and not a single soul in my middle school or high school complained about them.

  • Not_Ed-Sheeran

    “Everyone loved the original trilogy!”

    A lot of you must never have used the Bungie.net forums during that era . . . people bitched hard about Halo 2 when it released, and especially Halo 3 when it released. I don’t think this meme pertains to the general public’s outlook of the game (the general public, seemingly, has enjoyed most of the released Halo games) but moreso the “hardcore fans”/ fandom.

    When browsing the Bungie forums during H3’s lifespan opinions seemed pretty mixed on whether Halo CE or 2 had the best multiplayer sandbox, then when Reach released the forums exploded with negativity: “Get rid of armor lock”, “loadouts are bad”, “nerf the grenades!”, etc. and suddenly H2 was a masterpiece and H3 was close behind.

    People forget, or they just latch onto the new thing to hate, it’s definitely a cycle you can see. Infinite is in the spotlight now, though admittedly, it needs a lot of work considering it’s current network issues and lack of content.

  • Zlatarog

    Having recently played every game in the series (even the mobile one). My least favorite is probably Halo 1 and my favorites are Halo 2, Reach, and 4. Halo Infinite by far has the funnest gameplay personally, with all the abilities/grappling, but I would say it’s middle/lower on the story

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