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Friend’s wife started playing Half Life: Alyx. You can only carry two grenades at a time in the game, but she figured a way around that. She now carries grenades around with her in a box throughout levels.

Friend’s wife started playing Half Life: Alyx. You can only carry two grenades at a time in the game, but she figured a way around that. She now carries grenades around with her in a box throughout levels.

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  • LegionMk1

    You can also put on most hats/helmets you find to get a ‘get out of jail for free card’ with barnacles…didn’t work this out till over half way through the game lmao. My 1st VR title alongside Arizona Sunshine, both have ruined all other VR titles for me imo..

  • riphitter

    In boneworks, any items you drop in this bin at the end of each level , become available for the sandbox mode. Since you only have a few slots to hold item and there’s tons of things in each level. I ended up dragging a big plastic trashcan I filled with guns and swords and item capsules through the level while fighting off all the enemies . Eventually gets so heavy and precariously balanced you need two hands just to drag it

  • Nillabeans

    Can’t remember the creator, but I watched this vid on a guy showing his partner some games to assess how a non-gamer would solve gaming problems.

    Her biggest complaint was that she couldn’t solve the problems as creatively as she wanted to and since she didn’t know common gaming tropes (like look at the thing in the room that’s a weird colour), it was difficult to figure out solutions that the games would actually accept.

    Also, love how this lady thought outside of the box by putting things in it!

  • _TheDoctorPotter

    This is exactly what I did the first few times I played! Then did an insane mode no box challenge (use everything where you get it) and struggled a bit lol

  • 420binchicken

    I remember seeing a similar thing from a guy playing boneworks. Dude was just pushing around a shopping cart full of guns, whenever a bad guy showed up he’d just reach into the cart, pull out a gun and blast away.

  • TheBostonKremeDonut

    Oh wow, flashback moment.

    In Half-Life 2, when I was younger, I carried a saw blade (the ones that appear almost immediately after getting the gravity gun, to teach you how to use it as a weapon and to cut zombies in half) through the entire game. Lol

    At one point in the game, you get teleported to the next chapter, but guess what? You end up in a sewer with: you guessed it! Saw blades. I saved so much ammo. I’ve never played the game again (besides the episodes) so that’s how I remember the game.

  • EightBitRam

    I remember doing this when i was playing. I found a glitch due to my specs that caused grenades to respawn in a fridge. So I would just happily fill my box full of infinite nades, then trip and lose everything

  • acumen101

    “Now you’re thinking with boxes! Hell, we should make companion boxes. Somebody write that down!”
    – Cave Johnson, probably

  • GoldenRpup

    I just finished playing through it and I cannot BELIEVE I never thought to do this. Especially with how often I tried to throw objects at aliens and get barnacles to eat random enemies/objects. By the way, barnacles don’t die when they eat a venomous headcrab like they do in HL2.

    I’m also disappointed that there are hammers and such you can pick up, but you can’t at least stumble others by whacking them with one.

    I never felt like I didn’t have ammo in at least one gun at any time, but I still would have endlessly abused a gravity gun given the opportunity to.

  • Venrexx

    I can’t be trusted with grenades. I just push the button, walk up to the enemy and start booping them on the nose with it until I stop existing suddenly.

  • DSharp018

    Reminds me of how i played skyrim.

    Since resurrected bodies didn’t have a carried item weight limit, i would speed-grind getting conjuration to 100 to unlock undead thrall. Since the thrall doesn’t turn to ashes, they can be resurrected again and again as long as their body stays in one piece.

    So when my inventory got full from stealing everyone’s tableware, i would just re-dead them, shove a good 300-400 pounds of stuff in there, and re animate them again so that i could continue my journey with my undead pack-mule.

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