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Francis Ngannou’s Championship winning KO of Heavyweight G.O.A.T. Stipe Miocic. (Preview) UFC 270 – UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou vs Interim UFC Heavyweight Champion Ciryl Gane.

Francis Ngannou’s Championship winning KO of Heavyweight G.O.A.T. Stipe Miocic. (Preview) UFC 270 – UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou vs Interim UFC Heavyweight Champion Ciryl Gane.

Francis Ngannou’s Championship winning KO of Heavyweight G.O.A.T. Stipe Miocic. (Preview) UFC 270 – UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou vs Interim UFC Heavyweight Champion Ciryl Gane. from sports

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  • CincyDad1993

    I cannot stand how when you clearly see a guy is out fucking cold why they feel the need to keep hitting them. It was 110% obvious he was out cold.

  • freekeypress

    Heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou is quite literally the UFC’s ideal champion.

    Intimidating, towering, highlight-reel knock out power – an absolute specim of a warrior. As they say “The end boss of a video game”. In his 10 wins in the UFC, 9 of them are by KO/TKO, including coining the [quintessential knock out of MMA]( – starching multi kickboxing and MMA champion, Alistair Overeem.

    Whilst not a showman outside of the cage, he has a charisma and has meaningfully developed his English, to where a 3 hour Joe Rogan interview is not only intelligible but inspiring. His story is fantastical; born into poverty in Cameroon he worked as a child in sand mines, he saw boxing as a way to get out of deprivation and at 26 eventually got to Paris including surviving leaky boat passage & doing 2 months in Spanish prison for illegal migration. Homeless, a friend introduced him to MMA coach Fernand Lopez. Lopez allowed Francis to train and sleep at the gym for no cost.

    Ngannou claimed championship status in his second attempt at securing the belt – also avenging his only loss against possibly the greatest modern heavyweight champion, Stipe Miocic. His first battle was exciting but after the first round seemingly foregone in conclusion; 6 years ago he hadn’t heard of MMA. His rematch, however, was a dominant shut out; a complete reversal of appearances – he made the champ Stipe look like a rookie.

    But Francis… is not the UFC’s ideal champion.

    Ngannou has been vocal. Vocal about fight [bookings being sparse]( in his years before becoming champion. He has been vocal about [fighter pay.](

    The final boss in a video game should be a robot; programmed to a script – the UFC does not tolerate their sub-contractors using what little leverage they have in any way against the company. The UFC is already under some scrutiny after a legal challenge forced them to finally reveal their books to the public. Most major US sports and boxing pay ~50% of revenues to athletes. The UFC? 16%

    Their response to Francis pulling at the leash is Ciryl Gane. Ciryl Gane is the future. His agility in this weight class has no comparison, he can move light of foot and fast. Combined with his calm temperament and superior fight intelligence, he is considered the slight favorite to win. That the UFC has pushed Ciryl favorably can not be questioned. In a widely agreed, ‘most agregious’ and unwarranted interim title bout creation; the UFC gave Ciryl the path to interim champion, defeating dangerous but slow footed journeyman Derrick Lewis last year. A mere 4 months after Ngannou won the belt.

    Ciryl has fought for the UFC 7 times in his mere 3 years with the promotion. Francis in that same time; 3.

    To add to the intrigue Ciryl Gane was a teammate to Francis. Francis’ former coach; the man who got him off the streets of Paris now spends his time helping his once former training partner defeat him.

    Now other elite, popular and profitable fighters have done and said worse and received lighter reactions. It has been received by the community as confusing and parochial to treat a stand-out potential superstar in the premier weight class in such a fashion. The first example that comes to mind is the UFC [completely relocating UFC 232]( to another legal jurisdiction so that convicted hit and run misdemeanor offender Jon Jones could defend his title after “micro failing” a pre fight drug test.

    Could the reason for Francis’ treatment be his agent is works for CAA, their rival?

    UFC’s owners WME are one of the top talent firms in Hollywood. Have you noticed a slight conflict? Owning a fight promotion and also running a talent agency of not just actors but athletes, athletes including ones, you know, already have employment contracts with.

    The layers of intigue are dense and magnetic. In unprecedented fashion Francis has not signed a renegotiated contract extension, he has this last bout to go and the only thing stopping him from being contract free is a explicit ‘champions clause’ that stipulates the UFC extends the term for another 4 bouts / 2 years.

    This clause has not been challenged in a court. If Francis wins and can’t come to terms with the UFC. It’s clear his next fight will be outside the Octagon.

  • Dankstin

    Hammerfist at the end, really? That’s just villainous. Fuck this guy. He clearly won with the initial knockout. If he can’t hold back, he should be DQ’d periodt.

  • AdamYmadA

    That last hit was hard to watch. The guy was laying there limp and defenseless. These people would be cops if it weren’t for the UFC.

  • thischainfake

    ITT: people don’t know that in MMA the ref stops the fight.

    The last shot was unnecessary, but that’s literally the rules, the ref stops the fight. He could’ve walked away but sometimes the ref won’t stop it. Ngannou is a nice guy outside the ring, he’s just a monster in it.

  • wantaninja400

    I hate the way this fucking PoS drops Absolute fucking bombs on people who are very clearly KOed. Its very unnecessary and just shows that hes more of a thug than a sportsman. Plus all his Issues with Dana and the UFC. If you arent happy then fuck off. The UFC is better off without you. Just a greedy street fighting bum trying to pose as an actual sportsman.

    Even Tyson, possibly the most vicious fighter of all time knew to fucking stop when someones head bounces off the canvas.

    He could seriously fucking kill someone with that bs. Cant wait to the day he gets a taste. He will change his tune reall fucking quick. Really would love to see Gane knock this guy out and fuck him off from the UFC for good.

    And before anyone tries to claim “iTs JuSt ThE rUlEs, EvErYoNe DoES It” thats fucking bullshit.
    Ive been watching UFC for YEARS and im an MMA fighter myself. Its nothing less than barbaric and unnecessary.
    Wait literally 2 seconds and if the ref doesnt jump in or the fighter appears to be coming back around, then you can carry on – hes still on the floor. but even then, that amount of force is never neccessary on a downed opponent.

    That wasnt just a knockdown, that was a full blown KO, he was out before he even hit the canvas. If Ngannou isnt aware enough to see that/ doesnt have the restraint to hold back then he doesnt belong in the UFC.

    Ive seen many people like this, no respect for the sport at all, just thugs who want to fight. And this prick has to balls to claim hes being underpaid….

  • -Spatha

    Poor Stipe. He thought he had Francis hurt and got caught. Still a great performance by Francis. He was so much better than the first fight.

  • HHBrows

    Opponent is clearly knocked out! Better break his jaw with a donkey Kong punch JUST in case.

    Bring on the downvotes but mma is really stupid.

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