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Every FPS on the shelves be like

Every FPS on the shelves be like

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  • dum_dum12

    Still a great game to play off and on. Not many games I go back to after a lot of hours put in. Mid you i have not grabbed a new copy since ww2

  • Rhamba

    Have you seen sports games?

    The sport might be different, but the games really aren’t.

    Most of them are copy pasted year to year with a few changed character models

  • brutalblamite

    Shelves full of modern FPS games: COD, COD, literally just COD, clone of COD, game inspired by the same thing that inspired COD, generic military shooter people will compare to COD, *DOOM ETERNAL*, COD, COD, COD, COD, more COD, generic military shooter no one cares about, COD infinite (stinky), new COD game that wishes it was old COD game, *TITANFALL*, just another COD clone, generic shooter, uninspired military shooter, another COD sequel, *HALO INFINITE*, COD once more.

  • SwordsOfWar

    I give CoD credit because it’s one of the few fps games that have stood the test of time after so many years.

    But, I REALLY miss the PS3 days where we had some variety in shooting games. Killzone, SOCOM and RESISTANCE were around.

    PlayStation has been doing amazing with single player games, but I haven’t seen a big hitter multiplayer shooting game from them for what feels like ages now…

    I really hope that Last of Us multiplayer game (and whatever else they are supposedly cooking up) really impresses.

  • Valerian_

    I stopped playing generic war FPS like 20ish years ago, I had no idea the trend would still be successfully going.

  • dothefanDango92

    I have the same reaction to the 100th survival game to recently come out.

    There’s only so many ways to gather resources and build a base…again.

  • Tsndumbass

    I actually think fps games have been the more innovative over the years. MOBA and rpgs are the same they were when dota and Zelda were released 20 years ago

  • Complete_Entry

    Someone did a desktop wallpaper where they mixed the battlefield “burning soldier” and Jesse Pinkman, with Heisenberg standing behind him menacingly.

    That shit should be on the boys. Professor Heisenberg refined V and now you’ve got pyro Pinkman blasting off fireballs and shitting blue meth.

    Then they get recruited by Vought and it’s like “What the fuck, you’re dead Gus!”

  • shandobane

    Aren’t those just all call fo duty games and they are specifically mimicking previous game covers as an homage?

  • Redfeather1975

    fps, racing and sports games are all 😐 to me. And that’s what xbox 360 was all about it seemed. I had an xbo 360 though. My most played games were Dragon’s Dogma and Saint’s Row.

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