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Dollface | Season 2 Trailer | February 11, 2022

Dollface | Season 2 Trailer | February 11, 2022

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  • Sisiwakanamaru

    I enjoyed season 1, it was pretty light and I like the chemistry between 4 leads. I think in this season, they acknowledge pandemic.

  • Strelochka

    I didn’t expect this show of all things to survive the pandemic. I want it to be basically like a Man Seeking Woman for girls and lean much heavier into the surreal scenes and on-the-nose metaphors. But not to the point of lifting jokes – that texting committee was a less funny version of the same joke in MSW

  • hollisterr

    I have been WAITING for news of s2 and felt like it was never going to happen, so this makes me so happy.

    …But admittedly, I completely forgot 95% of what happened in s1, so a rewatch is now needed.

  • katcar123

    Does this get better? I’ve only watched the first episode and while I get the “girls need girl friends” message, it irritated me that they don’t seem to have anything in common? The whole “girls need to have girl friends to go to the bathroom at clubs together” is just weird. Girl, find yourself some friends (male or female) that validate who you are as a person, not who make you feel bad because you’re not into the same things as them. Maybe it gets better but it seems like they were friends due to proximity (college roommates) and probably would have drifted apart anyway?

  • TARSrobot

    I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the first season, so I’m looking forward to this! The episode with Macaulay Culkin had be in stitches.

  • nayapapaya

    OMG, YES. My show is coming back. I wish the women from *Dollface* and *Sexify* could meet.

    I don’t love the use of the purple blurr effect to let us know we’re in Jules’ head. I preferred when it felt like those surreal moments would just happen out of the blue and you couldn’t see it coming. But you can’t win them all.

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