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Day in my life as a quadriplegic

Day in my life as a quadriplegic

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  • n00bvin

    This could be very inspiring for others in this situation. She seems very positive about the whole thing, which is amazing, I probably wouldn’t be so accepting.

    Anyway, she seems like a sweet girl, and I wish her the best success. It’s not easy to put yourself out there when things go wrong.

  • CycleSail1

    My son has been a quad since 2007. It’s not an easy like. It is an hour by hour challenge. Everything in life has to find a new normal. #blessyou

  • iarev

    Ah, damn, She was the cheerleader who recently became paralyzed. I heard about it when Googling around after watching Cheer S2 on Netflix. Really unfortunate, but her positive attitude is really something special. Looking at the YT comments shows many folks in similar situations who find her attitude inspiring. I hope she has a chance at recovery.

  • vicemagnet

    There’s a company that operates in Texas that may be able to help her. It’s called ILC, for Integrated Life Choices. I have a relative who is a caregiver for and she would fall under the Residential Services option.

  • ShitbirdMcDickbird

    I was wondering how she’s in such high spirits but still having enough arm function to drink a Baja Blast is clutch

  • Onlyknown2QBs

    This gave me a lot of perspective on my issues. I have a messed up knee at 29 and sometimes act like my life is over. This girl has an amazing attitude. Thanks for posting

  • JohnnyOnslaught

    What a rough shake that is. I feel for her, and for her family. I’d be killing myself with thoughts of how I’m ruining the lives of the people around me, burdening them with my care… I really hope her family can hold onto this positivity and stay strong moving forward, and I hope she finds her niche.

  • PhilosophyforOne

    ”You guys are too nice! I’m like ”I dont deserve all this stuff”[talking about an inspirational mirror someone sent her]…

    But I’m very thankful for it.”

    I found this touching, as she really does seem genuinely thankful and heartened for the smallest things. After you’ve lost so much and yet you still find in yourself both love and gratitude over the tiniest things.

  • charlieecho

    Dang this hit me hard as I lie in bed with a knee injury. I’m pretty much moping because I can’t resume normal activity but then to see someone like this being very positive with a MUCH more severe injury is very uplifting. This is some r/wholesome and r/MadeMeSmile stuff here.

  • ficobo6653

    **Wow**. What an absolutely beautiful family. Your joy and love for each other just shines out from all three of you and your spirits are absolutely captivating. Thank you so much for sharing some of your life with us. YouTube needs more videos like this and creators like you! ❤️

  • tigress666

    My uncle is a parapalegic (bike accident) but a lot of this sounds familiar (He moved to florida cause he gets cold easily for example).

  • bluebottled

    > “Fun fact, I can’t sweat anymore. I don’t know the actual whole medical terminology for all of this, but you can research it”

    *Sound of Prince Andrew furiously googling*

  • CombatGoose

    I watched her Q&A quickly.

    She says she’s so positive because she’s a christian and believes this happened to her for a reason, because otherwise what was the point of a freak accident that left her in a wheelchair.

    I guess you can’t be mad at someone for rationalizing a tragic event, but man, religion is so weird.

  • xXTheFisterXx

    Shoutout to her mom and sister who have seemingly rearranged their entire lives to take care of her. That’s an incredibly demanding job

  • undefined_one

    I don’t know how she does it. There’s no way I would be even close to this upbeat and positive if I were in her situation. She is an exceptional human being and I sure hope she gets better and better! What an incredible inspiration!

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