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Critical Race Theory: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Critical Race Theory: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • f_ranz1224

    Unpopular opinion: i used to enjoy john oliver until his show became exclusively US politics. I actively watched every week but had not watched regularly in maybe 3 to 4 years. I get that its hard to make new and engrossing content week in and out, and that US politics feeds the scripts easily every week, but his content became less “oh wow, those are interesting new facts” and more “i heard this several times on tv last week”

  • violue

    I honestly was hoping the season would open with an overview of the triumphs and more importantly crushing failures of the Biden presidency so far, but this is important too.

    The “fuck your safe space” people want a safe space for themselves to not have to think about race. The “liberals are all about censorship” people are banning books and trying to writing laws to ban subjects from being taught in schools.

    Anyway it was a good overview for people that already care about this issue but I doubt it will reach minds that could use changing.

  • mjc1027

    It’s an important issue and trying to ignore racism or to try and justify it is just insane. America was created off the backs of taking land from native Americans, slaughtering most of them in the process.

    And slavery existed, trying to force kids not to learn about African Americans being oppressed is worse scenario than just fucking teaching them about it.

  • 999mal

    The lesson mentioned at about 10:20 is a pretty famous lesson usually called Blue eyes/Brown eyes. It was first done by Jane Elliott after the assassination of Martin Luther King.

  • Ofabulous

    There’s something really odd about the way John Oliver seems to be claiming CRT is simply a legal theory that’s foundation is to look at how us institutions have or continue to discriminate against minorities. I don’t doubt that part of it is a legal theory, and Kimberlé Crenshaw sounded pretty reasonable in the clip she was in. But CRT is cross disciplinary, and it’s the political / philosophical theories of CRT (which maybe developed from this legal theory) that are the source of controversy.

    By not even mentioning this it really feels like his argument is extremely biased. He can’t possibly have not understood this distinction, or believed CRT is *only* a legal theory. To me he’s undermining his own position by turning the point of view of those he’s arguing against into straw men.

  • 2012Aceman

    Pick one:

    1. CRT isn’t taught in schools.

    2. You can’t ban CRT, because it is being taught in schools.

    Personally I don’t think any lesson should be banned from schools. If a lesson is materially false or the teacher is being malicious that is something that can be dealt with, but this is America and the idea of banning ideas offends me. Add on to that the people who have no idea what CRT actually is, and you can see why banning words instead of tackling concepts is a terrible way to conduct school.

  • Ixiaz_

    I’m sad that i can no longer enjoy John Oliver like i used to do, because I’ve long since passed the point of enjoying watching idiots get eviscerated. Now I just get needlessly angry at how blatantly stupid and ignorant a lot of people choose to be, so it just ends up effecting my mental welfare.

  • domotime2

    The PR team for the right has done it again. Just blatantly making things up and making it a rally cry to win elections. I’m honestly in awe at how easy they do this.

    Teaching kids about racism existed when I went to school in the 90s.

  • BillytheBeaut

    I refuse to believe ALL white people were racist or slave owners.

    I remember learning about slavery in school. Not once has a history class tried to downplay or ignore slavery or it’s negative impact.

    CRT does nothing but divide people by race and put the blame of America’s atrocities solely on the White Man. I’m Mexican and this makes me nauseous. I don’t want my kids learning this rubbish. The fact that most kids in America think slave owners were all white shows how much of a failure the U.S. education is.

    To point out the obvious, if CRT isn’t being taught in schools, why the outrage? It’s nothing more than a right-wing Boogeyman./

  • earhere

    The problem is, the primary audience of Last Week Tonight already knows that CRT is not being taught in schools; and recognizes the GOP’s successful obfuscation of the term to mean any discussion of race in schools despite that not being the actual meaning of it. They are preaching to the choir here. The people who actually believe that CRT is being taught in K-12 schools likely aren’t watching this show, or if they are they want to put their heads in the sand and refuse to change their made up minds about what CRT actually is. In order for humanity to progress, these people need to understand that it’s okay to be wrong; but in their minds admitting being wrong or making a mistake is a sign of weakness, and they want to be thought of as strong.

  • maglen69

    Whenever anything CRT related comes up the goalposts always are constantly moving.

    1) No, CRT in it’s purest, most technical form is not being taught in schools.

    2) Yes schools have spent millions of dollars to train teachers in the “tenets” of CRT and have had certain aspects of the program embedded into their classroom curriculum.

    It’s extremely dishonest to say that CRT isn’t being taught in schools when parts of it are.

    There are countless documented examples of children being separated into oppressor / oppressed categories based on their skin color.

    There are countless examples of separating children based on their “privilege”

    The National Education Association (NEA), which represents more than 3 million employees in public education, endorsed the teaching of CRT during it’s annual meeting and then quietly removed that portion of their website agenda (Business Item 39) when it was discovered.

  • Josquius

    I wonder on this. Considering critical race theory as presented by republicans is a nonsense whether allowing it to be banned could be a good idea… As with a properly written law it wouldn’t change anything.

    Of course in practice these laws probably ban any discussion of race issues whatsoever. But could be a tactic to lean into it whole heartedly and write the laws properly.

  • thor561

    That they seem so desperate to convince people CRT is something only discussed in hallowed legal halls as an academic exercise tells me there’s something more to this. The practical application, which is what people are actually concerned about, is race Marxism, literally. It replaces class with race, because class didn’t get people to rise up like Marx thought, and seeks to illustrate a divide between whites and people of color that can only be solved by massive social revolution. If you actually look into the literature the CRT people write and reference, all the way back to the beginning, it becomes pretty clear.

    Trying to say that CRT is only a legal theory is gaslighting of the highest order. They don’t have to literally teach it to your children to filter everything through a CRT lens, which absolutely is happening. When you say things like “racism is discrimination by whites of people of color to uphold traditional power structures”, that’s CRT. Trying to define racism as something only a certain group can do to others in the name of power is racism itself. Kendi even says that if discrimination is done in the name of balancing out past injustices, that’s ok and isn’t actually racism on their part.

    I highly recommend anyone interested in this check out New Discourses on YouTube, this all gets picked apart in depth with source material references so you can hear verbatim what these people think.

  • Hannibal254

    I just can’t watch him anymore. His show sure be called: “Why you’re racist if you don’t agree with this Democratic proposal with John Oliver”

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